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Let's see a shot of your launcher/customizations

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Silverback, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. cvigti

    cvigti New Member

    Hi, how do you remove the edit icons? Like the edit icon next to "minix neo u1" and the orange square used to add a new tile? Mine just went to the left halfway out the screen, to the next page or something... :p must be something simple but I'm not getting it.

    edit: nevermind. I just found the "lock" function on the options button of the remote :p first time i've used that button... :D
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  2. henrikes

    henrikes New Member

    My Minix

    How do i attach a image ??? Im always getting an error?
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  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Use Upload a File
  4. henrikes

    henrikes New Member

    My MINIX


    Thanx Villa :)
  5. xeox

    xeox Member

    Nice, what Laucher are you using.
  6. henrikes

    henrikes New Member

    Im using Squarehome 2 and a wallpaper widget for the upper text (name and clock and date)
  7. rudy69

    rudy69 New Member

    Please upload apk theme please
  8. Apichai

    Apichai New Member

    My minix neo u1
  9. henrikes

    henrikes New Member

    What do you mean? Its squarelauncher with a few images.
  10. Pete_Repeat

    Pete_Repeat Member

    What is this launcher? Squarehome seems to move my icons to the upper most level of the row so can't have a space above them like your chrome shortcut for instance
  11. xinput

    xinput Member

    it'S squarehome2. I had the same problem as you, but i don't know how i managed to place my icons like this.. it seems to be totally random. otheriwse try to work with the "blank spaces" or what it's called.
  12. Pete_Repeat

    Pete_Repeat Member

    Thanks for the info. I just now tried adding a tile group and adding nothing to it which seems to make a blank tile. Not ideal, but better than before.
  13. Pete_Repeat

    Pete_Repeat Member

    Anyone know how to add the divider or increased space between the sections in the attached image of Squarehome (believe this is the old version however)? Is this playing round with the tile transparent boundaries?

    Also, how to add multiple titles as I can only see a single page title.. Or are the titles actually on the background image?

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  14. csc2ya

    csc2ya New Member

    On my Neo U1
    Using squarehome.tablet for the launcher with bubbles live wallpaper.
    Text widget on left for make and model
    cpu and memory widgets below the text widget.
    htc sense clock widget in center.
    most used apps below the clock.
    Scrollable news widget on the right.
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  15. shurid

    shurid New Member

    Here is my one "inspired by xeox" :)

    1.png 2.png

    I wanted to share my Launcher config backup for others to use if they wants to but the forum is not allowing me to put links :(

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  16. N3DRO

    N3DRO New Member

    image.jpeg Here is mine that I'm currently using on my Neo U1 (Pic was taken with my phone). At first, I was a little confused on how to play around with the launcher settings but I got it. Until I can change the green color of the metro launcher, I'll use this.

    Thanks exodus and xeox for inspiration and showing all of us some tips!!!
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  17. Thommo7777

    Thommo7777 New Member

    Some of these launchers look good,is just a case of downloading a launcher ,and mess about with them until you get some thing you like,this is my first android box so I've never Tweaked them before.
  18. harpua1982

    harpua1982 New Member

    I use a blank "Zooper" Widget. That way the remote doesn't doesn't hit it while scrolling through the homescreen.
    Don't mind the Weather/Time Zooper Widget. For some reason, Zooper and the Minix box don't really pass on variables that well (hence the time traveling abilities). It hardly updates. And since the dev doesn't keep up w/ the app anymore, there's slim to no chance of this app being fully compatible w/ the Minix. Or, it could be on my end, who knows. I've been known to meddle. At any rate, you're best to just stick w/ Zooper Widget for the blank widgets only (be sure to set the transparency of the widget's settings)

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  19. max80

    max80 Member

    This is mine:

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  20. Haresh

    Haresh New Member