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Let's see a shot of your launcher/customizations

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Silverback, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Haresh

    Haresh New Member

  2. pampam

    pampam Member

    Nice how do you make it:)

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G925F met Tapatalk
  3. max80

    max80 Member

    SS Launcher (PRO version) + Rondo Icon Pack
  4. Wiktil

    Wiktil New Member

    Hi Henriks,
    could you possible make a backup-file of the launcher settings and post it here or send it to me?

    Thanks in advance!
  5. tobyni

    tobyni New Member

    I've been inspired to try Squarehome, but after playing about (and buying the pro version) I can't get the highlight colour to change from that hideous orange... am I missing a settings page somewhere?

    Edit: Spoke to the dev, turns out it's one of the few non-customisable things. Oh well, back to hacking metro...
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  6. henrikes

    henrikes New Member

    Sorry for the late reply.... i have been away for a while... let me try it, and send it to you.
  7. tobyni

    tobyni New Member

    Finally... managed to hack the original launcher. The latest Minix Metro will corrupt if you disassemble it, however TVgeek have totally ripped it off for their launcher, and it's safe to unpack. From there it took about three weeks of experimenting, tweaking XMLs, android IDs, and a lot of PNG editing!


    Edit: Unfortunately I posted this prematurely. Launcher works on the compiler environment and on a old M8 test box, but won't work on the Minix. I'm guessing it's a conflict with the manifests as technically uses the same code base as the original launcher... I'm damned if it'll beat me though!
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  8. Michael Ekborg

    Michael Ekborg New Member

    Please let me know when you´re finished with this, it´s absolutely beautiful & i would love to use it if i may.
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  9. guesswho

    guesswho New Member

    Hi everyone!

    This is my U1 device. Bought it few weeks ago and hated default launcher. :) So I've customised it a little with wife's help. :)



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  10. harpua1982

    harpua1982 New Member

    Looks Nice! How did you get the Data and SD Widgets?
  11. xeox

    xeox Member

  12. guesswho

    guesswho New Member

    Hi harpua1982, xeox,

    Glad you like it. I am attaching wallpaper, here are widgets and apps used.

    Launcher: SquareHome 2
    System info widget: X-CPU - Circle Widgets
    RSS feeds widget: Simple RSS Widget
    Storage usage overview widget: Storage Widget+ and Storage Analyzer
    Weather widget: Transparent clock & weather
    Quick actions widget: Power Toggles

    If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask.

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    GEALFORCE New Member

    here's a screenshot of my NEO U1

    Attached Files:

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  14. harpua1982

    harpua1982 New Member

    Is anyone having any problems w/ SquareHome Launcher (old version) and Pushbullet (and AutoRemote) messages not going through after a period of inactivity? I noticed a while ago that my Minix X8-h stopped getting pushbullet notifications unless pushbullet was running in the foreground. Same for AutoRemote. I did a factory restore and I was able to get pushbullet messages and AutoRemote messages again.

    It was working for months until I re-installed squarehome launcher. Now if I send an AutoRemote message, it doesn't come through unless I interact with the minix somehow, thus breaking the automation process. I need to test further with pushbullet, as it just worked a minute ago, but there has been no period of inactivity since I just tested w/ AutoRemote.
  15. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Regarding SquareHome 2 launcher. What does tablet mode setting change? Apart from making everything big I'm not clear on what it does.
  16. incogni

    incogni New Member

    After a few days of diddling around, with inspiration from this thread, here's my first finished layout:


    Thanks guys! I've had the box for months, but it never struck me I could switch out that annoying launcher.
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  17. Haresh

    Haresh New Member

    Hi @incogni... which launcher is this?
    Pl guide step-by-step process
  18. incogni

    incogni New Member

    I'm using the SquareHome.Tablet launcher - transparent theme, 5 rows, 150% icon size (don't remember what else I changed in the settings).
    - "AmazingText" for the Minix title.
    - "Digital clock xperia" for the time and weather.
    - The Kodi shortcut is a logo set as tile background, with invisible .png image as icon.
    - "Scrollable News" for the RSS feed (long press -> divide to make navigation possible without the airmouse).
    - Icon packs are "lines" and "pasty".

    Spent hours just messing around with different settings on everything so not sure I could do a proper step-by-step, but feel free to ask.
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  19. incogni

    incogni New Member

    Something more minimalistic...

    (SquareHome.Tablet w/High Glossy theme, Invisible Widget for spacing, and Argent and Tiny White icons.)
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  20. Zedahooin

    Zedahooin New Member