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Let's see a shot of your launcher/customizations

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by Silverback, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Wush14

    Wush14 Member

    Lovely image
  2. Sam08861

    Sam08861 New Member


    Using my Minix U1 as a Car PC to get rid of that crap stock UI so kept it simple. Inspired by a number of folks on this thread, thank you!

    Using squarehom2 and weather live widget. Also works great with live wallpapers since the theme is transparent.

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  3. oldschoolkat

    oldschoolkat New Member

    Nova launcher.... learned a lot reading thru this thread..

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  4. daddynatasha

    daddynatasha New Member

    @Kiryu I like your lancher layout most. Could you share some configuration details and if possible share link to minix "branded" wallpaper and these nice tile icons?
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  5. daddynatasha

    daddynatasha New Member

    Hello. Below result of some clicking with home screen of my Minix U9-H. Big thanks to @Kiryu for inspiration.

    Launcher: SquareHome 2
    Icons: Whicons - White Icon Pack
    Weather and clock widget: Digital Clock Widget Xperia
    Wallpaper: downloadwallpapers.us
    Minix logo widget: Simple Photo Widget
    Minix logo image: Google pictures search

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  6. Exequiel

    Exequiel New Member

    Thank you all for posting your launchers. Hopefully we'll continue to see newer sources for inspiration ;)
  7. JonW

    JonW New Member

    Does SquareHome support navigating with the IR remote (or pad) now? Got the U9-H over a windows PC stick mainly for the remote. If not, Total Launcher (same dev) or Nova?
  8. daddynatasha

    daddynatasha New Member

    Both SquareHome and SquareHome 2 support IR remote navigation both using TV remote via CEC (Panasonic plasma TV here) and the remote which uses Minix device IR port (I use Logitech Harmony).
  9. JonW

    JonW New Member

    Great thanks, seemed to be an issue for early posters so great to see it's fixed
  10. mtguido

    mtguido Member

    where i can get the icons pack and how install it?

    how can i put the minix logo?

  11. scaramonga

    scaramonga New Member

    Any idea how to get the 'free system ram' thingy to show up on Squarehome 2 laucher guys?, only one that seems to be missing, with no way (that I can see) to add it?
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  12. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    There are some free apps in the playstore that include widgets that you can add in Squarehome. Personally I'm using X-CPU Widgets giving the free RAM in percentage. If you want the free RAM in free MB you could install the app Task Manager and use the provided widget.