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Discussion in 'Z83-4 Alternate OS discussion' started by normy62, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. mick56

    mick56 Member

    Where are the firmware files so i can check i don.t know what you mean audio over HDMI and accelerate already working you can set to 24 50 or 60 only with this latest skin there are on a other place i think you don.t have find the settings
  2. Bram77

    Bram77 New Member

    What distribution are you using with working audio over HDMI and hardware accelerated video (if that's what you're saying because your message is kind of hard to decode)!?
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  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    We have NGC-1, launched early this year... Linux compatible...
    full aluminum housing with 4GB RAM/128GB SSD, 802.11ac wifi, full Win10 license, at ~$250. :)
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  4. Bram77

    Bram77 New Member

    I guess I'll be purchasing one of these two then. The VORKE V1 is the most attractive because it's a lot cheaper then the NGC-1. I've lost hope for a working Z83-4 ubuntu build any time soon.

    edit: In the Netherlands the cheapest NGC-1 I can find (in stock) is 402,85 euro. That's a whole lot more then 250 dollars.
  5. Bram77

    Bram77 New Member

    I've chosen an Intel NUC with i3 processor. Very happy with it! I had a SSD drive laying around so I only had to add some RAM. It's really fast and every piece of hardware is working perfectly out of the box. Ubuntu runs fantastic and I'm currently running LibreElec which picks up all the hardware instantly too. It's blazingly fast.

    I'll be trying to sell the Minix box, or just maybe give it away to someone. All though 32GB storage will fill up fast and really is just enough to run a clean Windows installation and some small applications. So it will be hard to find a useful application for it, without it being able to run Linux.
  6. nicosea

    nicosea New Member

    I am using the Mini box as a NAS, with Openmediavault (based on Linux Debian) and it is working like a charm. It is very fast, around 100Mb/s transfer with NFS protocol and USB 3.0 external hard-disk. Also Plex server works very well, with on fly coding of H265 movies.
    I also use as personal OpenVPN server.
    Only wi-fi does not work but I do not care, I use it as a NAD with wired connection of course.
    You can use the Z83 as NAS: very silent and fast, with very little power consumption!
  7. Bram77

    Bram77 New Member

    I'm aware of that (it being able to run Linux with limited hardware support). But I really need RAID in my NAS. I'm running OpenMediaVault on a more powerful machine, which I've build for that exact purpose. But good to know people do find non-windows purposes for the device :).
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