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X7 Lock Screen + user profiles (build 250)

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by Sandokan, Dec 2, 2016.


Would you like to have the option to enable the lock screen + user profiles?

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  1. Sandokan

    Sandokan New Member

    A "little ask" :- )

    Build 250 installed and working well ...

    Have it setup with an Acer full HD touch screen (works like a mouse, no surprise, but works fine), a Rapoo mini keyboard with touchpad, a Rii air mouse and keyboard, and a Logitech Air Mouse (which works very well). Trying different input devices to see how they work with the X7.

    No issues with the multiple input devices being in use together, all play fine together. But so far, in terms of usability and precision, the best seems to be the Logitech Air Mouse with the onscreen touch keyboard enabled.

    Only real issue is the missing support for the lock screen / user profiles. Really need to have two profiles setup on it, one for general media use, and one for myself to administer stuff etc. Have installed an app locker for now, but that is a royal pain to use as to implement it properly you have to put blanket restrictions in place on the settings and enter the unlock code every time you switch app :- (

    Saw on the release notes the lock screen has been disabled until a "remote friendly" lock screen can be found. However, leaving the onscreen keyboard active, I find the air mouse solution with a PIN code works very well - really easy to use.

    Anyone out there working on this still? Could we get the lock screen / user profiles enabled? At least then for those of us that need it, we can use it - and for those that don't want it, just don't enable it :- )

    Happy to make a contribution to see this done.

    Thanks & best regards.
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