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Logitech Harmony and Minix U1

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by jarosujo, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. jarosujo

    jarosujo New Member

    I bought U1 few days ago, installed LibreELEC on SD card. Everything looks fine, HD audio passthrough working, smooth playback...
    I am using Logitech Harmony 650 infra red controller. Original remote for U1 has very few buttons only, it's basically just arrows/OK/back. Is there any way to learn Harmony additional buttons, like "pause" or "subtitle delay +" and so on ?
    I know about CEC, but my U1 is connected to Onkyo TX NR-609 receiver, not to TV directly.
    Thanx a lot.
  2. MINIX - Martin

    MINIX - Martin Moderator Moderator

    the Original remote for U1 is able to pause a video when the 'play' button is highlight. You just need to press OK button to pause it.
    Or you may buy an extra remote for media features.
    We only guarantee MINIX remote fully compatible with Android MINIX box.
    As for 'subtitle delay +' feature, you need to set it in the player settings, I have not yet seen a remote support this feature.
  3. jarosujo

    jarosujo New Member

    Well, pause/play button is on A2 lite remote, which I have and it works how I would like it to on my Logitech Harmony 650. There are also other buttons, like "o" on back keyboard, which brings cpu info and so on. Right now, I have to press twice OK in order to pause and then again two buttons to unpause. Obviously, U1 can pause with one button. I can't learn my logitech directly from A2 lite, as A2 is RF and logitech IR. Hope it makes sense.