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Logitech Harmony full support

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by nad, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. nad

    nad Member

    I wish there will be a full support for Logitech Harmony remote including those keys that aren't implemented yet in X8-H ir remote (play,pause,stop,ff, etc....)
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  2. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

    Did you try the settings for the Neo X5 device?
    I am not sure whether the remote controls of X5 and X8 are identical but both are looking like that. When looking into the Harmony software I could see that the keys for play, pause etc. are implemented for the X5 device. Perhaps you can test it and report the results here?

    I would do it by my own but currently I have no time slot for that.
  3. slowdown

    slowdown Nursing Case

    Neo X5 Setup is working on my Harmony.
    So far supported:
    Power Toggle - Home - Option - Back - Volume Up|Down - Direction Keys - OK.
    So far no Video Keys Support - only Keys supported by the minix stock Remote Control.

    Today there is also the NEO X8 definition available - but there are no more functions. You canĀ“t define the Pause|Play key of the Airmouse, as only IR is supportet by Logitech Remote.
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  4. WalterBiH

    WalterBiH New Member

    +1 for "media buttons" to be implemented in X8. We don't need new MINIX remote - just more commands implemented in firmware so we can map them on our Harmonies.
  5. slowdown

    slowdown Nursing Case

    Yeep - nice solution to get direct access to the HDMI output switches in MBoxsettings so we can directly trigger these switches out from any Mediaplayer and xbmc! Minix obviously has forgotten to implement these switches into their Remote Control.
  6. WilfredG

    WilfredG Member

    +1 for "media buttons" to be implemented in X8.
  7. PicPic

    PicPic New Member

    I also support this feature request. ;)
  8. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

  9. Darren

    Darren Member

    +1 a thousand times over. and please don't assume CEC replaces this because for most of us, it does not.
  10. theDriver

    theDriver New Member

  11. Massor

    Massor New Member

    +1 ! I own an older One and a 900, disapointinting (almost) unusable with X8.
  12. Ralph

    Ralph New Member

  13. Ap258

    Ap258 New Member

  14. PeterPump

    PeterPump New Member

    Hi all,
    I +1 here as well.

    I had already posted a similar request on August 14, but in a somewhat more generic and formal way.

    I added a voting field which tracks the +1 and -1 better, so please hit your choice and maybe if we get a total of 50 votes or so, this is considered more by the MINIX product team.

    Find my post at: http://www.minixforum.com/threads/p...iver-functionality-for-universal-remotes.236/

    Still liking my device a lot and kind of living with the limited IR functionality for one, sometimes I am using the XBMC remote app on my iPad if required (especially very nice for keyboard inputs).

  15. Rslynn46

    Rslynn46 Member

    +1 this would be a great addition for my harmony touch.
  16. Crusader

    Crusader New Member

  17. max90

    max90 Member

  18. pal.sch

    pal.sch New Member

    +1 from my site too.

    CEC doesn't work with my LG TV.
  19. Michal

    Michal New Member

  20. bubez81

    bubez81 Member

    +1 tnx!!