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Logitech Harmony full support

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by nad, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Mach2003

    Mach2003 New Member

    RC2 phase 1, has no added support for extra IR, they said they were adding it, but did not :)
  2. Fab

    Fab New Member


    Minix, any updates on this? I was watching a movie last night and would love the extra IR commands.

    Imagine what it would do for the WAF? You're sales will go up 200% minimum :D
  3. MickyNL

    MickyNL Member

    For me, the possibility to use my Logitech Harmony 1 is very important.

    I have the Harmony working with every device in my setup. So I will only buy a mini-pc that works with this remote. This is the major reason I kept waiting to buy a device. But before this year ends, I make my decission. I prefer a MiniX but go for another when the Harmony is not accepted.

    So if there is any news, I would love to hear it.

  4. MickyNL

    MickyNL Member

    I can't post a link yet. But I might found a solution for people with a bit experience.

    Search google for: Johan van Zoomeren Coding and more
  5. slowdown

    slowdown Nursing Case

    Thanks for the hint!
    Meanwhile i tried this setup with 002 firmware. For file copy i used ES explorer with root function. Renamed remote.conf to remote.conf.org and Vendor_0001_Product_0001.kl to Vendor_0001_Product_0001.kl.org.
    Then copy and paste the Darren files and restart the player.
    Bingo: My harmony works fine with this setup in minix-xbmc 13.3.3 beta3 - menu and OK button are functionable.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2014
  6. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    How do you guys find the IR response using your remotes, I find I have to reposition my remote sometimes to get it to register my keypress. (Sit about 4 meters away from the box)

    All I can think is that the IR sensor in the Minix box is poor or the casing of the box makes it difficult to register on the IR sensor.

    I'm tempted to drill a little hole and fit a little IR window to see if it does improve it

    Anyone else have a thought?
  7. moscard

    moscard Member

    Actually, with FW002A, the Harmony is supported in XBMC without problem but for fast forward/backward.
    Nevertheless, it is not mapped corectly for MX player. I remember for X5 & X7 we had to relace the system\usr\keylayout\rkxx-remotectl.kl file. Sadly, the provided gufone files do not work for X8 (signature error) do someone be able to build somefing similar for X8 with the rigth signature.
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  8. PRO-006

    PRO-006 New Member

    Just a note to say thanks to Darren and Mach2003 My Harmony One is now fully functional including Power Toggle ( Darrens Pivos XIOS DS Key mapping) & (Mach2003's second remote config fix for Power Toggle ) How sweet it is to have all functions at the touch of a button!! Again thanks guys. :)
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  9. yonatandror

    yonatandror Member

    What have you done? Can you walk us through?
  10. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    I use the pivos remote setup and its infinitly better than the stock and x5 remotes but lately I'm getting occasional double press responses when im only pressing the button once. This happening to anyone else? Is there a setting on the harmony remote or its sync software to prevent this?
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
  11. yonatandror

    yonatandror Member

    Sorry, but I still dont understand what is this Pivos?
    Is it a device you used in the Harmony config SW to represent the Minix instead of NEO X5?
  12. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    The pivos box is an android box with its own remote. It's remote has a lot of buttons and functions on it compared to any of the minix boxes. What Darren and mach2003 have done is pretty much take the remote config files and adapt them to work on the minix. Once your replace the default minix config files, you program your harmony to control the pivos box, the end result is pretty much every button you will need.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2015
  13. yonatandror

    yonatandror Member

    Sounds like something I want to try.
    Can you share the Pivos remote config file and tell me where to put it?
    Can you tell me what is the Pivos model to use in the Harmony SW?
  14. danfozzy

    danfozzy Member

    There's the link. The instructions are included too
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  15. bubez81

    bubez81 Member

    works with x8-h plus too?
  16. yonatandror

    yonatandror Member

    Sounds easy, thanks. Although I am not keen about rooting the device.
    It might hurt the FOTA updates, no?

    Works with x8-h plus too?
  17. JimBobVFR

    JimBobVFR Active Member

    You can unroot after doing the changes if you want. And yes it works on the plus.

    I've not had any issues so far with Fota updates, other than losing root and having to root again after the update.
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  18. bubez81

    bubez81 Member

    imo these files work better than the x5 profile provided by minix, but i can't understand if there is a possibility to use the sleep/power off function
  19. Beerukoff

    Beerukoff New Member

    I have used these files http://www.minixforum.com/threads/logitech-harmony-full-support.449/page-7#post-42753 for my Minix Neo X8-H Plus and I have chosen Pivos XIOS DS on my Logitech Harmony.

    All buttons now work, I'm happy with it. But power button doesn't work. Could you please help me to fix it?

    I have changed in remote.conf
    "; 0x45 116 ; POWER WAKE Power" to "0x45 116 ; POWER WAKE Power"
    "0xd8 116 ; POWER WAKE Browser*" to "; 0xd8 116 ; POWER WAKE Browser*"

    And now I can power off Minix with Pivos power button and switch on with original minix remote power button. It's very inconvenient.

    But sometime I can switch on and off with Pivos power button. I can't understand why
    Last edited: May 1, 2015
  20. Bryan63

    Bryan63 New Member

    I have updated to 005 firmware today and I still cannot get Harmony One remote to work properly
    Select Ne0 X8-H from Harmony software and barely anything works, limited control like Minix remote
    Select Neo X5 and only play - pause - stop - ok & navigation arrows work. Rewind and Fast forward do not work Harmony software wants to learn from Minix remote but of course that doesn't have those keys either.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?

    I know there is a solution by rooting the box but I don't want to/or understand how to, do that