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Magine TV (Sweden) freezes when program ends

Discussion in 'NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 9 firmware (20141018)' started by Joakim X8-H, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Hi, I have recently replaced my Windows XBMC media center with the awesome Minix Neo X8-H. I am super pleased with the performance and android app support, I will never go back. Ok, so my issue:

    I am using the latest Magine TV Android App which appart from lacking remote control support (like in XBMC), works well. But the problem is that often when a TV program ends OR when I escape out from a TV program then very often the whole Minix Neo X8-H with Beta 9-2 freezes (read hangs). It is then stuck on the last TV program frame and there is no way of getting out of this state.

    I have tried waiting (nothing), escape many times (nothing), pressing the Minix power button (nothing). The only solution is to pull the power cable, re-insert it and press power to boot again.

    I have not seen this issue on my Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Tab using Magnine TV so I do not think it is an issue with the Magine TV Android App itself. I had the same issue with the stock firmware, so hoping to fix the issue, I updated the firmware this weekend using the USB burning tool. But I was dissapointed to find that the problem was not resolved, I had high hopes of it being resolved since I read that many hangs/freezes were fixed in later firmware versions.

    Are there any debug log files or other things that I should provide in order to assist in tracking down this issue?

    This is the last hurdle that I would like to resolve in order to fully rely on my Minix for all my media and TV needs, when this is resolved I will drop my OTA TV service (Boxer) and by 2 more Minix 8X-H for my other family TVs.


    PS. I swear I did a search for Magine before I posted, but of course now I see a post on the same topic in the Beta Forum. My appologies for this, the other post is "Magine Tv crashing".
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  2. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member


    Not all apps are optimized for Android boxes, are you over wifi or ethernet? Does it behave the same?

    From reviews on the store, it seems a bit buggy and I've read comments about android boxes.

    Perhaps give your device's specs and explain the issue to the developer?

    I found their support center for you:


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  3. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Hi Dnerve,
    thank you for your prompt reply to my forum post, my Minix is hardwired to Ethernet with RJ45 Cat6 cables. I have not tried WiFi.

    Having gone over the reviews on the Play store, as well, I see some posts that complains about stability so I see your point about Android boxes, They recently released a new version that is greatly improved but obviously not fixing my issue. I have, per your suggestion, sent Magine TV support an e-mail hoping to reach the developer. I will post my message below.

    Help me understand one thing though, since Magine TV does not hang or freeze on my Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy Tab, would it not be reasonable to expext Magine TV to work the same on my Minix Neo 8X-H unit? Magine TV is revolutionizing the TV service in Europe and I am suggesting Minix with Magine TV to everyone around me, but with Magine TV freezing and hanging on Minix I am concerned about my reputation... :)

    Thanks again for your attention to this matter,

    Here is my message sent to magine support:


    First let me say that I am a fan and super grateful that Magine has created the IPTV solution that has been lacking on the market. Good Job!!! I am contacting you with the intention of resolving the last issues for me in order to drop OTA TV (Boxer) at home. I tried Magine TV on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab and found the functionality to be good enough to switch over from Boxer TV in XBMC with official TV Tuner cards and CAM modules that have been working fine for me. But I wanted to simplify and get rid of my PC with XBMC, so I researched the market for the most common, stable and powerful Android box on the market. I found that the Minix Neo 8X-H quad core Android 4.4 media box <link to minix neo x8-h here> would be the best solution. I have suggested Magine TV and the Minix Android box to several of my friends as the ultimate solution for a powerful media center solution.

    My main issue
    When a TV program ends or when I escape out from a TV program in Magine TV the system freezes (hangs) and is stuck on the last frame of the TV program.

    In some cases Magine will time out and I will get a message that Magine TV has stopped responding, in this case I can restart Magine TV but it will not work. I can go to the running applications and kill the Magine TV app, but when I restart Magine TV it will not work. I have to reboot the Minix unit to get Magine TV to work again.

    In other cases the Minix unit is permanently hung, the only option is to pull the power and restart the Minix to make it work.

    This behavior happens very often, more than 50 % of the time and creates a lot of frustration in the family.

    What I have done
    I have updated the Minix firmware to try and resolve the issue and I have posted on the Minix support forum here is the link to my post:
    <link to this post here>
    Their response is that other people have complained about the stability of Magine TV on Android boxes and that I should contact the developer, so this is what I am trying to do with this message.

    How can I help?
    I can see that you might respond that this is a Minix issue, I can see that point. But I firmly believe that there might be some issues in your app that is causing this behavior and that it would greatly benefit Magine TV to get your app working solidly on Android boxes as many people are buying these to make their TV Android SMART.
    I would be more than happy to help you debug this issue on my Minix unit since I understand that you cannot possibly have every hardware out there. If I can for example be of assistance and install a debug build and send you log files, then I would be more than happy to do this and help out. I have been working with Software Quality Assurance for more than 15 years.

    More improvements
    I also have suggestions on how to improve the user experience on Android TV boxes with your Android App, especially by simply adding support for remote control navigation with arrows and keys. But I will not blur this issue with feature requests.
  4. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Hi Dnerve,
    I have received an unfavourable response from Magine TV support, I am sad to report. I was hoping that Magine TV was more interested in gaining customers and markets share being a new and innovative company on the market. I am left in the good hands of the Minix development team in order to resolve this issue, I of course feel hopeful and confident with your assistance! :)

    Here is the response that I received from Magine TV:

    Hi Joakim,
    We appreciate you taking the time to write in to us and we are delighted to hear that you like our concept and the idea of Magine!
    Unfortunately we do not officially support the Android Minix Box. You can see all the devices that we support at <link to deveices that Magine TV support here>
    . If I understand you right, the Magine-app works fine on your phone?
    I am so sorry that I can't help you any further with the problems on your Minix Box. Hopefully we will support Android Minix Box in the future. I hope you have a nice evening!

    Vänliga Hälsningar,
    MagineTV Kundservice

    Here is the text from the link referred to above:
    To use Magine TV in your Android device you need to have an unmodified Android version 4.0 or higher. We support the major brands in the actual market like Samsung, LG, HTC , Sony, Google Nexus. We cannot support every device because all the new Android phones have a different software, but we are working hard every day for having all the new devices supported by Magine TV.
  5. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Too bad they shut the door like this; Unfortunately, it's up to the devs to ensure the broadest possible compatibility as it's impossible to debug every app out there. It might be device related but might be the code of the app as well.

    You could log your issue here as well; perhaps others have a similar issue might have a fix/workaround.

    Could you try over wifi as well? Some apps made for mobile/tablets are not friends with wired connections.
  6. Watashi

    Watashi New Member

    I have had similar issue with a local cable tv app that I pay for legitimately, it works on tablets but not on any android with an hdmi output jack even though their specs say "any android above 4.0". My theory is that it knows there is an hdmi output. IF I play the app on my tablet and try to output hdmi to a monitor it immediately stops and warns me with an onscreen pop up. I have to actually uninstall the app and reinstall it to make it work again normally. This is my theory I don't know if true or not. Copyright issues may have something to do with it. It works on cell phones just fine, hmmmm they don't have hdmi output.

    The other way around may be to alter your app and edit out any language that may be causing your problem. Sometimes you have to work these problems from both ends. And perhaps others have experienced the same problem and there is a solution of this sort. I have found a lot of info at other forums that pertain to the problem I was explaining earlier in this post. There are cloaking programs, hide root (doesn't pertain to the minix) and other ways to trick the app just by editing some file names. Just giving some food for thought here.
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  7. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Typical robotic reply. EXPECTED.
    We are doing very differently trying to interact with users as do as much as we could,
    sadly not many users appreciate what we are doing and this is really frustrating.
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  8. Ulises Rodriguez PhD

    Ulises Rodriguez PhD Active Member

    Hi MINIX-Ken,

    I would like to say that although some users do not appreciate the hard work that MINIX and all of you are doing, I and most of the users in our Minix-Forum, have noticed that you are doing an Excellent job Interacting with all the users, and always trying to reply each day to help with all the requests!

    Sadly, as you already said, not many users appreciate what you are doing and this could be really frustrating!

    But remember that some human beings are like that, are almost never completely satisfied and always find people who did not value our hard work and selfless efforts...

    As you said in other Post:
    "We all love things ideally, but we must face the reality."

    So sometimes we must not allow ourselves provoked by some malicious and unfortunate comments...

    As I said a few days ago:

    "Although we know there is some delay, we should always remain calm and positive, so we will pass this positivity to the developers team, to help so that things could go better and faster!!

    What makes this place a success is having persons like you "Gh0st", "MINIX-Ken", "Gufone" and "HardwareGuru", that always have been there to help all of us with our requests!! "


    Ken not be discouraged, we all Love our X8-H, so GO ahead and continue improving the X8-H Firmware, to have a even better unit and to prove to some that MINIX is a GREAT Company with "Excellent Support" and with a "Bright Future" !!!

    Best Regards,

    Ulises Rodriguez, Ph.D.

    Edit. Please excuse the little out of topic and long reply...

    Just wanted to clarify my previous statements and also give my full support and encouragement to Ken.
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  9. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I am very grateful for the attention and replies that this thread has received. Just like Ulises Rodriguez above so elegantly states, we are all extremely appreciative for the countless hours that you Ken, Dnerve and others spend supporting the faithful community of Minix users. As stated early on, choosing the Minix product is the result of many hours of research and compares of features. But also looking at the support forums for activity and the willingness to endure the process of creating a great product like the Minix 8X-H is. Excellent work!

    I have now been able to get back into playing around with my Minix again after having guests in the house. I have tested turning Ethernet off in the settings and turning WiFi on as Dnerve suggested, unfortunately I have the same behavior as with Ethernet. Magine TV freezes my Minix box when I escape out of a TV program. I reproduced this several times.

    It is surprising that the combination Minix 8X-H and Magine TV does not work as well as my researched solution was intended to, before buying the Minix, I tested Magine TV with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab which worked well. I felt confident that a Minix box would work with Magine TV as well, it was supposed to replace my main Windows XBMC Media Center with broadcast TV. It is disappointing that it doesn't, but the most annoying thing of all is the fact that Magine TV is unwilling to work on supporting Android boxes as they state, Minix is otherwise a great solution for a Media Center and smart TV solutions. XBMC is much more responsive on Minix Android than it is on Windows.

    I hope that by some magic (read Minix magic) that there is a fix to the firmware that makes Magine TV work as well on my Minix as it did on my Samsung units. Please, please, pretty please with lots of sugar on top! :)

    Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help out with finding a fix or solution to the Magine TV issues.

    Again, thank you!
  10. norpan

    norpan New Member

    I have never posted here before, but I have also suffered from the fact that the Magine TV app (mainly used in Sweden and Germany) didn't work properly on my Minix Neo X8-H. BUt now it seems it has finally beeen fixed! And I think it happened with the KOT49H.20150428 realease-keys.
    I also noticed that this update should fix incomatibility issues with apps (or something like that).
    Suddenly this hardware is usable and maybe even the best. I have not tested so much yet, but the hanging of the system problem seems gone. :)
  11. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Hi norpan,
    thank you soo much for posting this, I will dust off my Minix and update it, This is awesome news, I had almost given up on it thinking I should sell it off. I really appreciate your post with good news, have a great "Valborgs" evening if you are in Sweden!

  12. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    One of the things that I will never stop doing is to thank my friends MINIX, when you buy this team did with the illusion of having a team to carry XBMC my television, to give a smart tv my tv not He has it made me feel and know from the beginning that it was an excellent buy. I see people criticizing and speaking ill of our teams, but do not see the support they give us, something that others do, but no matter to criticize and harming those who work for us to have a team of the best in the world, making it They feel bad, think if they get tired who will ask you to help us, whom we will ask to fix things. They give you an example I have a samsung tv tv smar the first com ... well I say there never was support to improve and now less. Staff ported to Minix is a charm because many applications already have trouble running on other computers android and they do miracles to make them work. Please more support and instead of complaining we raise existing problems so that you can understand what the real problem and let them to make arrangements that are needed. And remember that in addition to all existing problems, then come the new SDK and there have to return to reinvent solutions. They call for applications that only work in certain countries as Yomvi but nobody is able to send them a mp with user data so they can make changes and keep trying to get fixed. Let especially believe in this team Minix ... thanks

    Excuse translation of the translate.google
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  13. Joakim X8-H

    Joakim X8-H New Member

    Dear zarbman,
    I am confused, maybe google translate is not translating your words properly? If I read your text it appears as if you think that I have in some way been disrespectful towards the MINIX team which I have never intended to be. If you read my postings above I have been nothing but grateful towards the support that I have received, but I have not been able to use my Minix X8-H as a replacement for my Windows media center since the Magine TV did not work on my Minix unit. I think that I am entitled to convey this in my posts? When "norpan" was kind enough to post that this was now fixed I was exited and grateful that this issue had finally been resolved. I am not sure how this is "raising a complaint" as you say. If I somehow offended anyone then here it is "Thank you MINIX team for your support", and again thank you norpan for posting that this issue has been resolved. I don't appreciate your remark that I did not try to provide all relevant information, I have logged a ticket with both the Minix team and with Magine who both responed that they could not support each other. Remember that I am the customer who actually paid good money for this product, I understood both the Minix response and the response of Magine TV. I have patiently waited and now there is a resolution to the issue and I am happy, so I do not understand why you had to post your remark about me complaining. Really, focus on the positive things in life instead of trying to find or cause problems. I am happy, so should you be, or is there something else bothering you with Magine TV freezing which this thread is about?

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  14. zarbman

    zarbman Active Member

    Friend'm not talking about you and if it can be for this translator. What I speak of is that we have to thank the MINIX Team for their hard work and your problem will be solved just have to be patient ... friend is there are users that make our friends in the team piedan faith in him they are doing and we have to support them. hugs friend and good worker day
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  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Thank you guys, that's motivating.
    We need +ve energy!