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Major Apps tested on x8 - x8H

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by traxdata, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    This thread started by minix on the old forum. Thought I would make it sticky as it is useful. Please reply here if you have issues. Apps tested on x8 and x8-h

    Play Music (from Play Store)
    Spotify Music (from Play Store)
    TuneIn Radio Pro (from Play Store)
    Play Movies & TV (from Play Store)
    Hulu Plus (from Play Store)
    Zattoo TV (from the Internet)
    YouTube for TV (from Play Store)
    Lync 2013 (from Play Store)
    Sopcast (from Sopcast)
    Teamviewer (from Play Store)
    CBS (from Play Store)
    FOX NOW (from Play Store)
    myTV (from Play Store)
    MX Player (from Play Store)
    Netflix (from Play Store) - pls update the preloaded one, it's buggy
    Skype (preloaded + from play store)
    CloudTV (preloaded)
    MINIX 4K edition XBMC (preloaded, v13.1)
    BBC iPlayer (UK Play Store), need to use together with older mediaplayer app.:
    TVCatchup (UK Play Store)
    LiveNow!TV (UK Play Store)
    STV Player (UK Play Store)

    More will be updated later.
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  2. ajw

    ajw New Member

    ...pretty good idea-
    i can add:

    facebook messenger (downloaded from the internet)
    flightradar 24 (from play store)
    wifi analyzer (from play store)
    netatmo (from play store)
    firefox for android (from play store)
  3. Lachezar

    Lachezar New Member

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  4. Aquila

    Aquila Advocate Beta Tester

    TrustGo Antivirus (from Google Playstore)
    McAfee Antivirus (from Google Playstore)
    IMDb (from Google Playstore)
    Minix XBMC v13.3.0 (from Minix Downloads)
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  5. remb0

    remb0 New Member

    from my excel:

    App app2 category info version paid/free
    testing ok? v/x Tested with fw controller? Remark

    Netflix app x beta 8
    samba server app free http://forum.xda-developers.com/and...esharing-server-android-t2803452/post53869540 v beta 8 autostart, en meerdere shares kunnen aangeven
    FX File Explorer app v beta 8
    xbmc app free v beta 8
    spotify app free v beta 8
    youtube app free v beta 8 download tv version
    Blackmart Alpha app Cracked playstore illegal v beta 8
    aptoide app illegal v beta 8
    redtube app 1,7,5 paid v beta 8
    Showbox app 3,34 free with ads v beta 8
    superGNES game 1,5,4 paid v beta 8 yes
    Flappy Bird game 1,3 free x beta 8
    SkyForce game 1,24 x beta 8
    Sonic Dash game 1,14,2 x beta 8
    Ccleaner app free beta 8
    wifi analyzer app free beta 8
    wall app free beta 8
    Tincore KeyMapper app free beta 8
    Tincore Quickflasher app free beta 8
    Popcorntime app stream app movies & tv 2.2 free x beta 8 stutter
    CWM recovery app beta 8 backups of rom
    sixaxis ps3 app v beta 8
    Asphalt 8 Airborne 1.0.0 paid v beta 8
    revolt 2 game paid beta 8 yes
    angry birds game paid beta 8 yes
    tetris game paid beta 8 yes
    modern combat 1.1.3 game 1,1,3 paid beta 8 yes
    rayman game 2,2,2 paid beta 8 yes
    prince of persia game 2.0.2 paid v beta 8 yes
    edge game paid beta 8 yes
    Dead atrigger game paid beta 8 yes
    Shadowgun game paid beta 8 yes
    GTAIII game paid beta 8 yes
    Max Payne game paid beta 8 yes
    Riptide GP game paid v beta 8 yes
    Samurai II: Vengeance game paid beta 8
    BADLAND game 17.146 paid v beta 8
    Nostalgia NES game emulator nintendo free v beta 8
    SNES 9x EX+ game emulator Super Nintendo paid v beta 8
    SuperN64 game emulator Nintendo 64 free v beta 8
    FPse game emulator SONY Playstation beta 8
    reicast game emulator SEGA Dreamcast beta 8
    PPSSPP game emulator Sony PSP x beta 8
    game beta 8
    game beta 8
    Leo's Fortune game 1.0 paid v beta 8
    SEGA.of.America.Virtua.Tennis.Challenge. game v4.5.4 paid v beta 8
    prince of persia game 2.0.2 paid v beta 8
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  6. BaNdit400

    BaNdit400 New Member

    I've added:

    VLC (installed from Play Store, but removed for poor performance: it's a VLC problem; in this moment uninstalled)
    BSPlayer (installed from Play Store, often produces a soft reboot at the end of video playing when the video data rate is very high and the hardware acceleration is active, i.e. with test video JellyFish coded H.264 at 120 Mbit/s)
    MoboPlayer (installed from PlayStore)
    mVideoPlayer (installed from PlayStore)
    Facebook (installed from Play Store, but doesn't work)
    Fast for Facebook (installed from Play Store)
    QuickPic (installed from Play Store)
    AdAware (installed from Play Store, with root permission)
    ClockSync (installed from Play Store, with root permission)
    uTorrent (installed from Play Store)
    Tapatalk Pro (installed from Play Store)
    Chrome (installed from Play Store)
    MX Player (reinstalled from Play Store, often crash when I start playing a video; in this moment uninstalled)
    myAllTV (installed from Play Store)
    ES File Explorer (reinstalled from Play Store)
    Il Meteo (installed from Play Store)
    Maps (installed from Play Store)
    Earth (installed from Play Store)
    Skype (reinstalled from Play Store)
    eBay (installed from Play Store)
    Amazon (installed from Play Store)
    Android Terminal Emulator (installed from Play Store)
    ConnectBot (installed from Play Store)
    Advanced Task Manager (installed from Play Store)
    ifconfig (installed from Play Store)
    UptimeWidget (installed from Play Store)
    XBMC for Minix (reinstalled from Minix download area, sometimes crash during app starting or during video selection; in this moment uninstalled)
    XBMC (installed from XBMC site, "Kodi" alpha version, sometimes crash during app starting)
    DeeJay (streaming of DeeJay, an italian radio station, installed from Play Store, often crash when i start audio streaming)
    RDS (streaming of Radio Dimensione Suono, an italian radio station, installed from Play Store, often fail to play audio streaming)
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  7. Irken Skoodge

    Irken Skoodge New Member

    Thanks for the youtube video to pair a ps3 controller.
  8. gamma

    gamma New Member


    Does any French guy tested by chance the Orange tv app ? (TV d'Orange by Orange SA)
    - no link, as i can't post any .. -

    On my neo G4 it isn't working at all. If i understood well, it's due to the fact that Orange didn't optimized their app with those uncommon tools ... (i've tried to stream from orange's site, from a browser, but it requires silverlight ....)

    I'm really interested in getting the x8-h for 2 main uses : play the live tv and replay from this orange app, and also stream my NAS content. But if it only works to watch what's on my NAS, i can plug my tablet to the tv (hdmi) as a workaround.

    Maybe on the coming minix Z64 with windows 8.1, it should all work fine !?!?
  9. Ken_G

    Ken_G New Member

    I just purchased an X8-H. I am surprised at some of the apps that are not available for it. The following are four of my most used apps. When I select them in the Google Play Store I get the message that they are not compatible with this device. I have the first three loaded on my X7. I have not tried to install OneNote on the X7 yet. Any thoughts?

    To be clear, the following apps cannot be loaded from the Google Play Store because they are not compatible with my device (X8-H).

    Maple Player Classic music player
    PitchLab Guitar Tuner Pro
    Ultimate Guitar Tools
    Microsoft OneNote

  10. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

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  11. Boaz

    Boaz Member

  12. stu

    stu New Member

    Hi all
    Has anybody had any luck getting Sportsdevil to run in Minix xbmc
  13. Dnerve

    Dnerve Active Member

    Hi, that's an xbmc addon you are talking about, not an app. Please have a look around or head to the developper's support place to get your addon up and running. Google will be of help as well.

  14. happyhunter

    happyhunter New Member

    Can someone test the Talkback app (speech for the vision impaired) . I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  15. dimov000

    dimov000 New Member

    Studying all my apps above and sometimes I installed some.... I found out...that my MX player said that he wasn't the last version but no update was necessary..... Strange.
    I UN-installed the version on my mini X8 and installed again by Google play store and now I had the last version and solved the issue with several other apps saying my mx player needed the latest version of mx player. This little trick solved some issues with my mx player.
  16. Rowena

    Rowena New Member

    Sims Freeplay works if apk is sideloaded and installed (and I recommend playing with autohiding the statusbar), Google play indicates incompatibility, but it works fine. (WiFi is required, ethernet isn't recognised as a valid connection).

    Tested versions: 5.4.0 and 5.7.0 (latest). (Tested with a flymouse, I don't know if the standard remote works).
    5.4.0 uses a phone-layout, 5.7.0 uses a tablet layout. This isn't related to the minix, but how EA/FM installs the layout data. Same difference happened on my Nexus 7-2013. Music issues (5.7.0 only) are bugs in the game, not related to minix.

    Updates will have to be installed the same way as described above.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2014
  17. Jav

    Jav New Member

    Hi, how can I download "Mario Bros" game son my Minix 8H? My device isnt rooted. Thanks
  18. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

    Which one? From Playstore. Have you tried the Emulator??
  19. Jav

    Jav New Member

    No, I havent tried it. I'm talking about the first 3 Mario Bros. Is there is a addon on xbmc to download the game or emulator, or I have to download it from a website? Thanks.
  20. traxdata

    traxdata Retired Super Mod Moderator

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