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Malicious Subtitles Threaten Kodi

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by antcj, May 24, 2017.

  1. Ricki

    Ricki New Member

    Hopefully my post makes a lot more sense now @midnight.
    Also I now understand why the computer store I got my u1 is selling certain minix boxes 50% off.....
    I feel for you guys who are volunteering your time to help us :)
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  2. ieswideopen

    ieswideopen Member

    For those running older hardware, go to freaktab, and download superceleron's FTMC, ver 27. It works very well. I'm running it on two X7's. It deals with the security issue, and allows pre android 5.0 to stream all those sources that KODI 17 allows.
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  3. linuxlewis

    linuxlewis New Member

    Not a solution . We just need some help from Minix. Please! Come on guys! This is just becoming stupid, think it over. What is the message that you're sending for your costumers and potencial ones...

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  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    What is your issue exactly?
    Which devices do you have?
  5. antcj

    antcj New Member

    Im betting the issue is owning an X8-H Plus and unable to migrate to krypton with the subsequent https saga and and subtitles.
  6. linuxlewis

    linuxlewis New Member

    That's right antcj. Me and a lot of people. I own Minix and run Kodi , like 90% of time. Me , and i think the majority of people, buy a Android box for the unique purpose of films or tvshows. Being unable to update to Kripton sucks, but most of all, now, using the old Kodi version (with less sources), being portuguese, i cannot use Kodi subtitles or i can get hacked. Is this normal?! What will i do with the box?! Watch YouTube?! Dont get me wrong, i understand , quite well, English. But i have to be extremely concentrated, and guys, when i'm watching a movie i want to rest ... I think it's a honest request. Minix it's not a Chinese low cost brand. A brand can get destroyed for less.

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  7. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    You are righ to stand for your consumer rights @linuxlewis and demand Minix to do the right thing. Just a workaround in the meantime might be to use the Opensubtitles addon, as @Cizzz reported above they assure their subtitles are safe in their website. I happen to know they do check the subtitles content because some subs I did exclusively to Legendasdivx (for a spanish film that never had subs in portuguese in the entire world ever ) carried an exclusivity note which was removed by Opensubtitles when the person that "stole" the subs put it there, and also they add an advert requesting for people to subscribe in every of the susbs in the site, so they are probably right when they stand for their susbs content, since they edit them all, I would say.

    And please note I still can't recommend the Legendasdivx addon (or any other) and even disconnected this addon from my Minix XBMC because they didn't still reply to a request I made about this issue, and they were my first choice of all time for portuguese subs.

    Not that it matters but as a curiosity, I actually bought my Minix to watch YouTube guitar lessons on my old LCD, and to watch my home network content in a larger screen than the computers or phones ones. The XBMC or KODI was something I had never heard about up to then. :ROFLMAO:
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  8. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

  9. jackie999

    jackie999 Member

    I've removed kodi and installed FTMC ...do I still have the security leak? I can't afford to buy a new box and even if I could, this neo x7 is running just fine :(
  10. jimbonice

    jimbonice Member

    Actually, it is a solution.

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  11. jimbonice

    jimbonice Member

    If you've got 27, or 28 which will be available tomorrow, you don't have the security issue. They've been patched to address the malicious subtitle code.

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  12. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You still haven't stated which devices you own! o_O
  13. linuxlewis

    linuxlewis New Member

    Hi, the problematic one- x8- h plus. I've flashed already. It seems there is some problem with the HDMI connecting. I stated already in the new topic. Thanks for the support. Lets see if HDMI its some glitch, i tried with new TVs and it worked. But not in my room ( its anexo older TV set)
  14. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

  15. jimbonice

    jimbonice Member

    FTMC deals with both the malicious code and https for android 4.4

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