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Forum Announcement MINIX Forum Giveaway - 20,000 members and counting!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MINIX - John, Oct 16, 2015.

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  1. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    MINIX Forum Giveaway

    To celebrate the MINIX Forum (www.minixforum.com) surpassing 20,000 members earlier this week we are giving away three MINIX Media Hubs for Android™ bundles.

    To be entered into the giveaway simply register on the forum and post a message below stating the following:

    - Your Full Name

    - Your Age

    - Your Location (only country required)

    - And which MINIX devices you own


    1st Place – NEO X8-H Plus and NEO A2 Lite

    2nd Place – NEO Z64-Android and NEO A2 Lite

    3rd Place – NEO X6 and NEO A2 Lite

    The competition is open now (Friday 16th October) and will close on Friday 13th November (5.00PM G.M.T). The winners will be selected at random, and announced the following week.

    Only one entry per person is allowed, you are not permitted to register multiple accounts on the forum to enter the competition – checks will be done to prevent this occurrence.

    Good luck to all who enter.
  2. niner86

    niner86 New Member

    • Gary Logan
    • 29
    • Scotland
    • NEO X8-H Plus - Awesome bit of Kit, so much so id love another for another room! :D
    Hen miron likes this.
  3. Jaaps

    Jaaps New Member

    Jaap Scheper
    NEO X8 - H Plus
  4. Goose84

    Goose84 New Member

    Robert Goose
    The Netherlands
  5. AnouarJ

    AnouarJ New Member

    Anouar el Jabli
    The Netherlands
    Neo Z64 Android
  6. eric peretz

    eric peretz New Member

    Eric Peretz
    Minix Neo x7 and x8H

    Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  7. AmirT85

    AmirT85 New Member

    Amir Tapiro

    Neo Z64 Windows

    Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  8. Jim in Canada

    Jim in Canada New Member

    Jim Warner
    Z-64 Android
  9. bruno morin

    bruno morin New Member

    Bruno morin
    Minix neo 8h
  10. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

    Rui Oliveira
    Minix neo x8h plus
  11. Duncan Singleton

    Duncan Singleton New Member

    Duncan Singleton
    Neo X7
  12. Tora

    Tora New Member

    - Azwan Yahaya
    - 35
    - Malaysia
    - Neo X8-H Plus
  13. melanchete

    melanchete New Member

    - Gary Standen
    - 56
    - Elyria, Ohio USA
    - (2) Minix NEO X8-H plus, (3) Minix M1 remotes, (1) Minix A2 Lite remote, (1) Minix NT-II headphones
  14. sasik

    sasik New Member

    - Paweł Sass
    - 41
    - Poland
    - Minix NEO X8-H plus
  15. Kartick Vijayakumar

    Kartick Vijayakumar New Member

    - Kartick Vijayakumar
    - 26
    - India
    - Minix Neo Z-64 Android
  16. majinboo1979

    majinboo1979 New Member

    - Miguel Angel Hernandez Ibarra

    - 36

    - Spain

    - 1 Minix neo X8-h plus
    2 minix neo x5

    Enviado desde mi D6503 mediante Tapatalk
  17. Christian Jocson

    Christian Jocson New Member

    - Christian Jocson
    - 25
    - Cyprus
    - NEO X8-H
  18. Chris Moraites

    Chris Moraites New Member

    Chris Moraites
    Minix Neo x7
  19. Grimag

    Grimag New Member

    -Dominik Stępień
    -NEO X8-H
  20. ndnboy

    ndnboy New Member

    Suzanna Beall
    Neo X8-H
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