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Product Announcement MINIX NEO U9-H

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Gh0st, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Toc

    Toc New Member

    I have a U1 with an A2 Lite remote. On Amazon it says U9H comes with an A2 Lite but A3 lite is mentioned above. Is this an error on Amazon? I don't want 2 remotes that run both units.

    Also does the U9H come with custom version XBMC like U1 and what version?

  2. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Could it be that different sellers have different options as a package
  3. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    On Amazon you can buy the U9-H without an airmouse, with the A2 Lite or with the A3.

    What do you mean by this?
    If you think by having the same model of remote they will interfere with each other then I can assure you the do not as they are individually paired with the USB receiver.
    The only button on the remotes that affects more than one device if they are in the same room is the IR Power button as the IR signal is the same for all MINIX remotes.
    If you want voice search capability then go for the A3, if not then go for the A2 Lite.
    Personally I prefer the A2 Lite!
    At the moment it is recommended to use the latest version of Kodi.
  4. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Is the link for the Netflix Apk not working ?
  5. Toc

    Toc New Member

    Thanks for the replies and to Villa, that's exactly what I wanted to know if the sepperate remotes would interfere with each other.

    Thanks again
  6. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Some mega linke came so did not download.will download that now.But how to download netflix on this link.sorry for asking.
  7. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

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  8. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Try again please ![/QUOTE]
    Thanks.I have X8-H box also.can i use it in this box??
  9. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

  10. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Thanks.will try it today and Let you know.
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  11. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Not able to download the file.it is saying transferring quota exceeded and need to take pay account of Mega.
  12. kingsizept

    kingsizept New Member

  13. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    it is working.thank you.
  14. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    I have tried it on Neo X8-H and netflix is not that much good.Definitely it is better than 480P but not surely 720P.Is this APK file will work good in Neo U9-H??
  15. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Try it out and see ! I have it installed on three of my devices and seems to be the best option currently !

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  16. navieh

    navieh New Member

    Hi, can anyone confirm if this means the player supports 5.1 sound through optical port? I am not expert on this but I know there are a couple of 5.1 standard/codecs etc. How is the compatibility with mainstream/majority of 5.1 audio (DVD/Bluray/Bluray RIP)?

    Rich Cinematic Surround Sound – Dolby Digital Audio

    NEO U9-H brings the full-theater sound to your living room.
    Fully licensed Dolby Audio delivers unsurpassed, vibrant sound quality that brings your entertainment to life.
  17. Thedon

    Thedon New Member