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minix neo x5 mini

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini' started by willyeckerslike, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. willyeckerslike

    willyeckerslike New Member

    Hi everyone I have a problem with my box when I turn on all I get is is a green android saying no command and a list on the left hand side with different messages telling me to reboot and other things I have pressed on them all but with no joy can anyone help me please
  2. Creg Taylor

    Creg Taylor New Member

    Having same issue and can't seem to find any help :0(
  3. Ayreon

    Ayreon New Member

    I think you'll have to reflash the box. Instructions and links to the files can be found here on the forum. My X5 mini has the same sort of problems after it has been powered off or in standby for a while. I either get this screen or it just won't pass the MINIX splash screen when booting. I suspect the flash rom IC('s) are kinda Budget/crappy in this box.
    Just leave the box on when it works. It's not a 100% fail proof solution but it gives lesser problems.