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Minix neo x6 firmware limitation

Discussion in 'NEO X6' started by dancer16121983, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. dancer16121983

    dancer16121983 New Member

    Hi. I have a minix neo x6. I reinstalled the earliest firmware for this android box because i had issues with an app. It is the app NOS TV from my ISP provider NOS from Portugal. I have a pack with tv, landline phone, mobile phone and internet.

    The app is the oficial app to watch their channels and the issue is that in the latest firmware i can see the streaming very fluid but the resolution is pixelized (maybe because of ethernet port limitation on internet speed). I have 100Mbps internet and i can only have 30/35 Mbps.
    In the earliest firmware the HD streaming is ok (not pixelized) but it shows the streaming slow (just like hiccups) and i can reach 55/65Mbps.

    After i installed the earliest firmware i upgraded sequencially from that to the next and tested the app. I had that simptoms in all of the firmwares. Not one could stream in HD and have fluid image.

    Anyone know a workaround, a codec, a firmware that can help improve video quality or a software/driver to unleash the ethernet port limitation? That limitation was nearly inexistent in the early firmware...

    Thanks in advance. Feel free to ask me questions if you don't understant something in my explanation.
  2. dancer16121983

    dancer16121983 New Member

    No one???
  3. dancer16121983

    dancer16121983 New Member

    Minix team?