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Minix neo x8 - Cubes in movies 720p :-/

Discussion in 'X8 - X8H Official Firmware 002' started by QuicksilverCZ, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    I have a question I had at home before Minix neo x7 and replaced him in exchange for x8-h. And now all online movies in HD 720p cubes as Mx player and VLC player or km. On minix neo x7 not doing .Videa otherwise go without cutting. The tests I performed on movies that I drive embarked on neo x7. Please advice.
  2. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    Another observation watch film and the picture is good but the picture changes time to time as when changing color flashes gray. It could be internal but according to the test speed mam 3000 kilobytes / s coz is 25 megabytes A ping 25 I did the test 5 times. Checkered uncomfortable. Is it possible that someone is wrong setting buffer? After the case was not a graphics? If the same film Dropping Note 2 which is 4x mali-400 so there goes the video well. It looks like when we run less quality film too that then goes checkered video and changing colors. Perhaps it will solve future firmware because the changing colors of the image kvalitiho images to worse and for better pao again is annoying. Thanks for your help.
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Any test files?
  4. QuicksilverCZ

    QuicksilverCZ Member

    The problem is already solved. I had a tv parameter settings still to Old Minix neo X7 where I had set the brightness Regarding the quality of the video so I found the video has only 2GB, so it MKV format on mobile was not as evident as poor quality on tv. On Minix neo X7 it was not so visible, pac all video are vic darker coz distorts. Here on Minix neo X8 videos are finally super. I have tried otherwise 4K video at 1080p quality and luxury. Mam otherwise makes you question test Antutu Stabilo and now there mam 72 degrees it's alright? It is my bright from whatever now goes furnished to the fullest. This is me about it, if it from burning or something like how many degrees is the maximum for such a device? Thanks for the info.