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Minix Neo X8-H Plus Loses HDMI Connection

Discussion in 'X8-H Plus Guides & FAQs' started by Les Thomas, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Les Thomas

    Les Thomas New Member

    I have been playing around with how I connect my Minix Neo X8-H Plus to my 4 year old Panasonic TV. I have a lower end Yamaha Amplifier and have been connecting via the Yamaha's HDMI3 HDMI input. This works fine but I suffer audio sync problems. The HDMI3 connection stays rock solid on the Yamaha and doesn't disconnect as I go on to say below.

    I tried connecting via the Panasonic's HDMI 1 input with a spidf connection to the Yamaha to overcome the audio sync problems. However a couple of times (maybe twice a night) the Panasonic TV 'disconnected' the video of Minix when using Kodi/SPMC. This could happen at the end of a movie as the screen goes black and the screen is about to return to the Kodi Home Page.

    The screen goes black and stays black as if the Panasonic doesn't know the Minix is still connected to it. However the Minix is still operating as the Yamaha (connected by spidf) shows "PMC" so it is receiving input from the Minix.

    When the screen goes black I get the HDMI1 normal Panasonic notice in the top left corner. However if the movie restarts or goes back to the Kodi Home Page, the HDMI1 notice disappears.

    It appears whenever the screen goes black in Kodi, the Panasonic TV may suspect there is no longer a device there and disconnects.

    To get the connection back I need to pull the power lead for 20 seconds, plug it back in and reboot the Minix. Almost immediately the green android man and then the Minix boot screen shows.

    Any ideas?