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Minix Neo Z83-4 stopped working?

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by Wavey75, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    I was watching a movie on my Minix mini fanless pc box connected to my TV and all of a sudden the screen went off, a lot like a powerr cut excpet the TV ands everyrthing else electric stayed on.
    The TV went blank and when I tried to turn the minix pc back on again nothing happens at all. Where it's normally a blue light, it's a dim white light which (I think becomes) green, again vey dim.

    Ther's no picture being sent to the TV when this happens, but it's very odd, like something has blown inside the box or something.

    I've tried the reset button, but without knowing how long to hold it in for and if a combination of buttons are required, etc. I don't seem to be able to influence it at all.

    I should point out that my devices are connected to surge protectors, so it wasn't a surge, otherwise the proction circuit would have trip[ped on the protection power sockert.

    It's definitely not a power cxut vbecause everything else works and there seems to be power getting to the minix box as there's some kind of light showing the the front of the box.

    I would norally have returned this box to where I bnought it from, but the seller is refusing to accept it back unless I saship it back to them which is against the law in the UK.

    I was hoping that someone here could provide me with a way of checking the system board inside for certain components to check/test and replace so it would startup.

    Work a go asking anyway, as I suspect it's the whole system board or logic board that needs to be replaced.
  2. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    if your box is still in warranty then you should return it for replacement. If you open it to check system components then the warranty is void.
  3. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    So sorry, but I thought I had stated above, the seller is no longer trading.
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    No, you said this which isn't very clear!
    You say the seller wants you to ship it back. So ship it back to them for a refund or replacement!

    What is against the law in the UK?
  5. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    In the UK, it is the responsibility of the trader to pay for any return shipping costs in the event of a fault. It is stated in the relevant law, aptly named the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
    My original post was asking how to repair it as it's seems I cannot get a warranty repair, due to this seller representing themselves falsely.
    Any ideas how I can repair this minix mini pc?
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    If the device is indeed faulty the seller should refund your shipping costs!
    Who is the seller?
  7. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    The seller refused point blank to reimburse shipping (and I think because there's a battery in it, I can't ship it anyway, without some soert of licence or something) as it's against their own policy.
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I ask again, who is the seller?
  9. MacB

    MacB Member

    all of my orders - regardless where - i am paying via PayPal...
    if a seller does not offer PayPal - i will never order!
    some sellers say: if you need to send it back it is on your own costs - if i have to return...
    even if this is against german law at/for higher amounts,
    BUT: PayPal is offering me a service to get these costs back from them :)
    i had to screenshot the whole claim - and the responceable co (from PayPal) paid the costs back :)
    in my case the online costs from DHL (€ 8,49 normal DHL-paket german costs - not express!)
    perhaps this might be a way/hint.
  10. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    What does it matter who the seller is?

    I was asking for any help in trying to repair this minix. Dealing with the seller is a dead end, a no-go.
  11. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Ok, if that is your attitude I will leave you with it! o_O
  12. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    What Attitude, the truth? wow, someone's over-sensitive aren't they.
  13. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Just tell us who the seller is. Why will you not say?
    If we know who they are then possibly something can be done!

    What I am angling at is this...

    Many products, such as electrical goods, are sold with a manufacturer's guarantee (or warranty), often for a year.

    Guarantees are a contract between you and the manufacturer, and the manufacturer must do whatever it says it will do in the guarantee.

    Usually this will be to repair or replace a faulty item. Retailers will sometimes contact the manufacturer on your behalf, but they are not obliged to do so.

    However, you still have rights under the Consumer Rights Act or Sale of Goods Act, even if your guarantee has expired. A manufacturer's guarantee doesn't replace these rights, and retailers can't ignore this.

    It will depend on the product and the fault, but you could be legally entitled to a free repair or, in some cases, a replacement by the retailer for some time after the manufacturer's guarantee has expired.
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  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  15. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    don't bite the hand that feeds you ! :rolleyes:
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  16. ColoCoug

    ColoCoug New Member

    I understand the frustration, but refusing to pay a little for shipping to recover the cost of a fairly expensive unit seems like a poor decision. Get it fixed first, argue the issue later or enter a complaint.
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  17. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    I am well aware of the consumer rights laws and I am awaiting an outcome, thought I've been told that it is unlikely that anything will come of it.
  18. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

  19. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    Who's biting the hands that feeds them? I asked the wuestion on hoe to fix, if possible, but you seem to be hung up on where it was bought - which wasn't the question. I told you it wasn't possible to pursue through the seller and you continued to ask for the seller's details!
  20. Wavey75

    Wavey75 New Member

    I agree it's frustrating for me too. My original question was asking if anyonwe knew how to reapir a minix box in this situation. The relationship between myself and the seller was never part of my original post. It might seem to you to pay a little to get a result, but the seller has broken the law and he or she must be held acountable for it, which is why things have gone as far as they have gone. You might think that to pay a little now to get it fixed would be fine, but what if it brakes after having it for a week and then the seller point blank refuses to accept it returned to be repaired at all? you are now in trouble wiht a minix fanless pc that doesn't work and you've already had it reapired once under the warranty.
    Paying a little more often lead wto paying alot more and I do not agree with this line of thinking.