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X5 mini minix problemi with settings

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini' started by velocity86, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. velocity86

    velocity86 New Member

    after booting, the background image no longer appears, clicking on settings the window opens and immediately it closes, in the gallery the images are not loaded and the screen remains black. web pages are loaded very slowly, is it possible to do a backup via pc, and after a factory reset? the operations should be performed by PC as it is impossible to work directly from the minix.
  2. KAR

    KAR Developer Super Moderator

    Looks like some corruption from the internal memory. Once some parts of the system is corryupted you could suffer issues like this.
    Have you used a program like popcorn hour at this device? Think a Factory reset will not help. You could try to load a full new Firmware.