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Minix U1 Box HDMI flickering

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Mondoguitar, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Mondoguitar

    Mondoguitar New Member

    I just ordered another Minix NEO U1 box with the A2 remote. Ever since connecting it, i get CONSTANT HDMI flickering on 1080p or AUTO settings. I have spent hours troubleshooting this. Changing cables, changing settings, this is what I've found. The flickering ONLY affects the video, never the audio. So the screen will go black w/audio, then come back a few seconds later. Sometimes it happens every 10 seconds, sometimes it happens every 1-2mins.

    Flickering only happens on 1080p 60. Doesn't happen on lower resolutions. I currently have it on 720p 60 without any issues... but I didn't buy this box to use on 720p only.

    I've swapped multiple HDMI cables, I've found the problem sometimes resolves itself after a reboot or sleep mode.

    I've made sure the firmware for all my devices is current.

    I'm using the Minix NEO U1 with a 52" Sharp Aquos TV. Both latest firmware. TV Model is LC-52D64U

    Like I said, I've spent hours reading, testing this issue, I cannot solve this problem. All of my other 1080p devices work fine on the same television, PS4, Roku, satellite receiver, all of those are HDMI connections and none have this same flickering issue.

    Thanks in advance.