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Minix U1 WiFi and SD card

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Dr Goodvibes, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes Active Member

    Minix U1 802.11ac WiFi and SD card IO benchmarks
    I have a Minix X8H-Plus and it has every limited 802.11ac WiFi bandwidth and SD card IO.
    I am wondering what the performance of the Minix U1 is when it comes to 802.11ac WiFi and SD card IO.

    To test the SD card IO and WiFi throughput I use FTP server from the Google store.

    SD card IO

    Just use an FTP client on a NAS or PC on your 1Gbit Ethernet LAN.
    Using the Windows Command Prompt allows you to use the ftp command or you could use something like FileZilla Client.
    If you use the Windows OS Command Prompt FTP, make use you set the transfer mode to binary.
    I Use a tar/zip file like an Android mobile firmware which could be 200-500MB in size.
    Or you could transfer the U1_FW005 zip file back and forward.

    In the Android FTP server set the source folder as the SD card.

    You'll need a U3 C10 SD card with known write rate of ~50MB like say a SanDisk Extreme SD card for best test results.

    You can only really test the SD card IO using FTP over 1Gbit Ethernet as anything else will throttle IO.

    802.11ac WiFi bandwidth

    To Test WiFi throughput you can use the same FTP server.
    Just switch the source FTP server folder to the Internal flash as there is a greater chance it has faster IO.

    For WiFi testing, you can also use iPerf which will give a better indication of WiFi IO without the 'limitation' of 'real disk IO.

    I do NOT consider speedtest.net a valid way of testing LAN devices, unless you have 1/10Gbit Internet access and you KNOWN the teleco also has a 1/10Gbit WAN backbone with NO throttling which is connected to the remote speedtest server you are using.
    This would mean you'd have to get over 800Mbits on Speedtest.net on your home PC or server before any Minix WiFi throughput could be consider useful. Best option don't test LAN throughput with Speedtest.net.

    Look forward to seeing what the Minix U1 is compatible of.


    There is some information about the Ethernet and WiFi throughput here
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  2. newbie99

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  3. Dr Goodvibes

    Dr Goodvibes Active Member

    Thank you, I'd not seen that.

    802.11ac WiFi throughput of 6.0MB/s (~48Mbits) and the reviewer indicates this is "pretty good". o_O
    On a dual stream 866Mbit connection I'd be worried if I wasn't seeing over 150Mbits bandwidth(erring on the low side)
    My old 2010 notebook PCIe mini-card 802.11ac Wireless AC-7620 (dual stream) on a faux USB 2.0 bus gets over 190-250Mbits when a 802.11ac router is in the same room in a radius of 5metres.

    The Minix U1 reviewer states they are using ES File Explorer(Solid Explorer is my preference for a file manager) to test WiFi bandwidth (really????)

    The same reviewer of the Minix U1 places the Minix X8H-Plus 802.11ac bandwidth at 2.0MB/s (~16Mbits)
    Minix X8H-Plus I have tested peaks at ~90Mbits bandwidth using 802.11ac
    So we may be able to imply there is 'some' increase on the Minix U1 WiFi.
    But would still really need to be tested properly with FTP and iPerf.

    My test result for the X8H-Plus are here.
  4. Gary_G

    Gary_G New Member

    Dr Goodvibes:
    I'm very interested in this topic, since the Wireless AC of the Minix Neo U-1 is one of the selling points (amongst others) that made me choose it over similarly priced units.
    (In my area, the ISPs have started to offer affordable 150 Mbps service and supply a HiTron modem/wireless router as part of the package.)
    Unfortunately; I've not really been able to locate speed results produced in a "controlled" environment for what the U-1 is actually "seeing".
    There appear to be some good intranet speed monitors available for PCs, but none that I've seen that will run on the U-1.
    Thank you for raising it as a topic. Hope you keep updating the post with what you find until there is a concrete answer.