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@Minix: Why do streams (HLS) start so much faster with Lollipop?

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by vel tins, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. vel tins

    vel tins Member

    I use to watch some video (live-tv) streams, which are in HLS format through Mxplayer.
    These streams need ~5-10 sec. to start on the X8h+ with stock Kitkat ROM.
    But only 1-3 sec. under Lollipop.
    Tested on the X8h+ (with Lollipop Rom) and a similar S812 Android box, also with LP 5.1.1
    Anybody knows, what causes this different behaviour between KK and LP?
  2. MOption

    MOption Member

    Could we know the link of that lollipop rom for x8+ please?
  3. vel tins

    vel tins Member

  4. MOption

    MOption Member

    Thanks vel tins
  5. Menorca Man

    Menorca Man Active Member Trusted Helper

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