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Minix X8-H - Finless Lollipop ROM 1.0

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Finless, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Madakite

    Madakite New Member

    Does Google's voice search work? And the volume of the remote control?
  2. morais

    morais Member


    are there alternative ways to flash the firmware, I can't connect to Minix using the
    Amlogic USB Burning Tool .

    Thank you
  3. morais

    morais Member


    since I have no way to connect my Minix to my windows 10 pc using Amlogic USB Burning Tool, I tried various versions too,
    I tried to put the zip file in usb stick FAT32 , then I entered in recover and tried to flash from udisk the zip file, BUT
    I received this

    E: Footer is wrong and E: Signature Verification failed and Install Aborted

    Please HELP , is there any other way to flash this rom ?
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    That will not work as the zip file contains the img file for the burning tool. The zip file is not an OTA type file!

    You could try the BurnCardMaker method...
  5. morais

    morais Member

    Thank you , I created the SD card as per instruction, now I am doing exactly this

    1. Plug out device and then plug in.
    2. Keep pressing reset with a toothpick + press down power button (3 seconds).
    3. Must release power button after 3 seconds.
    4. Keep holding reset until you get to the setup screen.

    BUT , the point 4 ends with a blank screen . I pressed reset for minutes , the process never starts and always ends with a blank screen. Any idea please ? I factory/reset in Recover too before the point 1, no help.
  6. morais

    morais Member

    I tried everything all day , no luck here. :cry:

    Using USB burner no way to connect with PC , I tried on 2 PC running windows 10 , no way.
    Using BurnCardMaker , I receive a blank screen and the upgrade never starts.
    Upgrade using Recover is not possible

    Anyone knows if there are alternative to flash this ROM ? Does exist and android app to flash it or other ways ?
    Or where can I find an "how to" to create an OTA type file starting from this img file ?

    Thank you!
  7. morais

    morais Member

    I succeeded it !!!! Thank you great ROM !!!!

    I followed this how to using USB burning

    and the problem was .....

    MY Micro USB OTG cable !!!!!
    I changed it and I used a new ANKER high quality Micro USB OTG cable and USB burning connected to my laptop and flashed the ROM , yahooooooooooooooooooooo !!
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  8. morais

    morais Member


    all works correctly for me except of my external HD is no more recognized , I tried all USB ports in my minix. Should I need to reformat it FAT32 ?
  9. moraesgyn

    moraesgyn New Member

    ROM runs great, but I got no audio on kodi or youtube app, do you guys have other ROM? thanks in advance.
  10. morais

    morais Member

    switch the USB-audio and you will hear it.
  11. morais

    morais Member

    fixed after formatting it only FAT32 (before it was 2 partitions FAT32 / NTFS )
  12. moraesgyn

    moraesgyn New Member

    Thanks! that worked!
  13. nolook

    nolook New Member

    i just installed this rom and kodi 17 works great (from google play)...i was just wondering which version of youtube or netflix works best with this rom? the playstore youtube i cant select any videos (UI doesnt seem to work) and netflix doesnt show as available on the playstore. do i need to install the android tv version apks or? tia...
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  14. mrfrio

    mrfrio New Member

    yes..........please...build the same for X8H-Plus...!!!!
  15. Marty

    Marty Moderator Moderator

  16. Jeffers24

    Jeffers24 Active Member

  17. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    As far as Netflix goes, if you are rooted, or "other than stock" you may have issues installing Netflix. They made the decision (they, being Netflix) to flip the proverbial bird to Developers and anyone running a custom ROM by blocking it in the PlayStore from any altered device. You can still install it with third party apk distributors like Aptoid though. I have also found that there are more than one Netflix apk on the PlayStore, and if you scroll down to the other or like apps, another version of the Netflix apk will appear.

    I can't say for sure, I'm still on the Bob's custom ROM that was made for this device a couple years ago. I tried updating to this one but couldn't get it flashed (I do not have the correct flashing tool,or it's because I'm using Windows 10??). As soon as I can figure out how to install this ROM, I'll test and then post either the link to a working Netflix apk or directions how to get it to work. But since this is not like his last custom ROM (in a TWRP flashable zip), it seems all the ways I try to install fails. I must not be using the correct flashing tools...lol... It was so much eisier in a flashable zip. But, I do understand the dev has a life and can't hold our hands, and I am happy for the work he has shared.

    Maybe I'll check out the other update/rom that was posted 3 posts below yours. Who knows. I may be more successful with flashing that build.