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Minix XBMC 16.3 - The Movie Database (TMDB) scraper fails

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX' started by yonesmit, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. yonesmit

    yonesmit New Member

    I'm using Minix XMBC 16.3 in X8-H and found that TMDB scraper is failing to get information for the movies.
    In same box I also have installed Kodi official 16.1, in this version the scraper is working correctly.

    The problem is that Minix is using a repository for installing/updating add-ons different than the official one, then the add-ons are not updated to current working versions:

    The Movie Database - Minix XBMC 16.3 version: 673.9.0 - Kodi 16.1 version: 4.1.3
    The Movie Database Library - Minix XBMC 16.3 version: 672.14.0 - Kodi 16.1 version: 3.1.2
    The TVDB - Minix XBMC 16.3 version: 671.8.3 - Kodi 16.1 version 2.0.5

    Is someone updating the Minix XBMC repository Jarvis addons?
    Any way of using official addons, that works?
    Why minix use his own addons with this different versions?

    any help is welcomed
    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards,
  2. yonesmit

    yonesmit New Member

    After some investigation I found that XBMC Minix edition is using Kodi official repository BUT it changes the version of these 3 embedded addons to this higher number to prevent it updating. I don't know why it does it, seems a simple protection to force users to use the included addons, I don't understand. My solution is to edit the apk (it's a ZIP file), modify the 3 addons to display the real version number (remove the "67" from them, and also from the dependencies between them), then rebuild and sign the APK (I used ZIP signed from play store) and reinstall it.
    This fixed the problem and allow me to update the addons to current version, now they run as in latest Kodi versions.
    I found also same issue in SPMC 16.4 (can't use recent versions with X8-H with official firmware) so seems same author.

    Best Regards,
  3. Sherpa25

    Sherpa25 Member

    There was another thread about this too http://www.minixforum.com/threads/s...movie-tv-series-info.17454/page-3#post-150029. Edited versions were shared too. Is this the same? Can you share your latest, edited version for comparison? Recently getting errors too using the latest from @jph33, and would like to compare. Thanks.
  4. augur

    augur Member

    All explained in the link Sherpa25 posted above, just download the latest 'patched' versions posted by jph33.

    The issue this time is that the TMDB API key used by kodi was changed 2018-02-15 and the old one, apparently, finally revoked yesterday.
  5. yonesmit

    yonesmit New Member

    Yes it's the same as explained in this other thread. I didn't know it, it's in U1 minix form. I don't read it normally.
    My solution is different than other thread, I remove the "67" from the version number in the APK and reinstall it so it updates automatically in current and future versions. So I don't have to manually update never again.

    Best Regards,