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Official Release MINIX XBMC V15.3 final

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    @HardwareGuru can you help?
  2. Eli Lavi

    Eli Lavi New Member

    Hi. are there any Release notes on version 15.3 ? what's the difference between THIS version and the regular Kodi releases?
  3. gordi1973

    gordi1973 Member

    hi, how can i go back from alpha Minix Alpha version 16.1 Kodi to Official 15.3? if i install it it says i can't
  4. Smartie36

    Smartie36 Active Member

    You need to un-install the alpha build to go back to 15.3 final, if you don't wish to lose your addons /settings etc then use the backup add on to create a backup which you can then restore after installing 15.3

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  5. donnydeadlight

    donnydeadlight New Member

    Hi guys. Just wanted to report back that I have now been road testing the v16 Alpha build for a week or so now, and it has been working flawlessly on my Neo x8h-plus. Have not experienced any playback issues with resume and fast forward, and audio output for passthrough etc is likewise fine. Have tried with a few different builds and all good so far
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Maybe now you like to try the latest release...
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  7. donnydeadlight

    donnydeadlight New Member

    Many thanks guys. Will take her for a spin around the block and get back to you! :)
  8. dmatik

    dmatik Member

    Using the 16.3 MINIX XBMC for several days. No issues so far.

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  9. donnydeadlight

    donnydeadlight New Member

    Just some feedback on the latest 16.3 beta http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/down.load.php?file=MINIX_XBMC_V16.3_20160816.apk
    Running on neo x8h plus am experiencing audio sync issues - typically have to advance audio by up to 0.200s to get it to sync with video playback. Have used 'control' sources to check its not an issue with provider streams, and have now reverted back to 16.3 alpha, with no sync issues on the neo x8h plus.
  10. Jani

    Jani New Member

    Same here.
  11. Paul S

    Paul S Member

    When can we expect the official Minix XBMC 16.3 ??
  12. keanustar

    keanustar Member

    Is the 3D HSBS or HTAB working on 16.3 now?
  13. Farscape1

    Farscape1 New Member

    Have two neo x8h plus boxes both on firmware 007a. Both running Minix_xbmc_V16.3_20160604_beta. Only issue i have is buffering when using pvr form my zgemma h2s freesat box and occassional xbmc force closing itself to android launcher.
  14. downwithload

    downwithload New Member

    Is this fully compatible with Minix Neo X6 box?

    I need 24p playback (my box does this OK with Minix XBMC 13) and AC3 - DTS passthrough via HDMI.
    My box can't output bitstream audo with any XBMC/Kodi version I have tried, only PCM audio works.
  15. khaosit

    khaosit New Member

    I have problem with file iptv(m3u),with SPMC ok.
    minix X8 firmware 009 no root
  16. Editzu

    Editzu New Member

    Version 15.3 has problems with 3D playback. It is impossible to make the movie output correctly along with the MINIX menu and the subtitle in a splitt image. An example: if a 3D movie is side by side and you select the appropriate mode in the Kodi image settings and then activate the 3D mode in the specific button of the Kodi results in an image with the film divided, but the menu does not. On TV the movie will look ok but the menu of the device is all over the screen. I have had to go back to the version 13.3.3. I have an Minix Neo X8-H.
  17. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    What about going forward a version?
  18. exitguy

    exitguy Member

  19. Editzu

    Editzu New Member

  20. famousmini

    famousmini New Member

    Is 16.3 ok ? because still beta