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Missing option

Discussion in 'Development' started by Skinamp, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    It will be quite interesting to see in a video clip taken with your phone how you are actually using your other media player.

    From what you mentioned here "I scroll (with my Mediaplayer and not with an filemanager) trough those folders and when i find a moviename that attracts me i open the folder, doubleclick on the picture file and my Mediaplayer opens the picture, i read it, close the picture and then i can doubleclick the movie or select the VIDEO_TS folder and push the play button. " it sounds like what myself an the other guys here were answering you... with Kodi you scroll through your movie titles, you see also its picture and read its synopsis... if it attracts you, you will watch it...:)... what's the difference compared to your setup/way of working?

    But let's see your actual usage in a video... we may really misunderstood you completely...
  2. Skinamp

    Skinamp Member

    Hi, the reason why i prefer my own pictures with movie descriptions is that i have collected them, for about 5000 movies, in my own language over the past years. :)

    I'll see if i can make this movie this week.... Busy


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  3. Skinamp

    Skinamp Member

    Hi all, i tried to make a movie of the hyundai and its options
    hope it explanes what i mean, download the movie : http://www.filedropper.com/mov0033
    it shows how i can see ALL files stored in an specific folder and start/open them without
    going back to the main menu. The Hyundai filesystem is Linux based and i didnĀ“t have to
    update it for years, it plays all movie formats that i know. The problem why i bought the
    MiniX is that the stream options are very poor, here the MiniX is superior !!

    P.S. Filesize about 120Mb
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  4. adi_tca

    adi_tca Trusted Helper Trusted Helper

    Well, while downloading your file, I found this:

    which I'm pretty sure it's almost similar to what you have, from your description above, so that's exactly what I thought...:)
    The Hyundai R3150S is a mediaplayer that has its own file browser, besides few other stuff. That's pretty much the same as what my old WD TV Live was doing few years ago.

    Now, an Android box is not only a mediaplayer, it's (almost) the equivalent of a PC (guys, don't take it literally, it's more or less close functionality...)).

    You can simply do "the same" in couple of ways:
    1. Kodi (sorry to stick to this): you can customize it to look in tons of ways, including "similar look & feel" as your Hyundai, starting from "view options", skins etc.
    However, you will not have exactly the same look & feel as your Hyundai file browser, I don't insist much as long as you will have some time to maybe play and get used to Kodi, or forget about it, in case you really don't like it or it takes too much time to get used to it & customize it...:)

    2. You can use any File explorer, like ES File Explorer and associate a default app to use that file: like "ES Image Browser" for instance, as your default photo player, "ES Media Player" as the default one for your music, MX Player for your movie files, "ES Note Editor" for your text files etc. Once you set a default app for each file type, clicking a file will open it with the proper app. Pressing back will always send you back to the folder where you were before opening a specific file, like in your case.
    This is much closer to how you are currently using you Hyundai box, in case you do not want to change the way you consume your content

    3. There are also other options like Plex, Emby (but these apps requires a media server 1st, then their clients installed on different devices) etc

    Don't forget that, in the end, it's all about:
    - getting used with different devices, interfaces, its apps and the way you can configure it/them
    - proper comparison: you cannot compare on par a "dedicated" mediaplayer with a mini PC which has also mediaplayer capabilities in different OSs (Android in this case)
    - each device/technology has its own pros/cons

    Last, but not least, I would say it's not about a "missing option", but about too many options to chose from...
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