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My NEO Z83-4 has no enough memory to install the last W10 update

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by frangs, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. frangs

    frangs New Member


    Since a few weeks the OS in my NEO Z83-4 shows a message saying that I need to clear space in the device because it needs something like 5 or 8 GB extra (I don't remember now the exact number). Even if I deleted 4 or 5 videos that I have stored in the MINIX, I wouldn't have enough space for the last W10 updating.
    How is that possible? What is the solution?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Jaap van der Velde

    Jaap van der Velde New Member

    Hi frangs,

    A lot of people struggle with this.

    There are in fact two problems:
    • Windows 10 needs a lot of free space for this one update
    • Once it will start the update, with enough space on C:, it may still fail, due to a tiny lack of space on the system reserved partition
    To solve the first problem, have another hard look at your C: drive, it should be possible to free up just enough space. Temporarily uninstall some programs you installed, make sure all the temporary files are gone. Two good ways of doing that:

    First problem, disk space on C:

    • Right-click C: in the File Explorer and select 'Properties'
    • On the 'General' tab select 'Disk Cleanup'
    • On the Disk Cleanup dialog select 'Clean up system files' (it will ask for admin rights)
    • It will run for a while and present you with a list of stuff you could delete, delete as much as you're comfortable with.
    • Download and install CCleaner from the ccleaner website. The free version is all you need, I have had no bad experiences with it.
    • Run it and on the 'Cleaner' tab, select 'Run cleaner'.
    • Uninstall it once you're done.
    Third, bonus way (more work, so don't if you don't really need to):
    • Look for a few fat folders that aren't system folders, like for example the one the Windows update downloads itself into, 'C:\Windows10Upgrade'
    • Insert a USB drive that's large enough to hold them all and don't remove it until you are done with the update
    • Copy the folders to the exact same path on the USB drive (so you don't lose track of what's what), so 'C:\Windows10Upgrade' to 'D:\Windows10Upgrade', etc.
    • Delete the folders from the C: drive (this is why you should not move system folders)
    • Open a command prompt as admin (open start menu, type 'cmd', rightclick the command prompt icon and select 'Run as administrator')
    • For each folder you copy and deleted, type enter a command like : 'mklink /J C:\Windows10Upgrade D:\Windows10Upgrade'
    Once the upgrade completes, you'll need to undo this for any folder you need back on C: drive:
    • Delete a link you created and copy the original folder back to where it was before, for each folder you moved.
    You should now have enough space on your C: drive, if you uninstalled everything you don't absolutely need right now. You can install again later, because once Windows updates, you'll have a lot of free space.

    Second problem, disk space on system reserved partition:

    I recently posted about this in another post, titled 'Even simpler way to install Windows 10 Creator Update'. Please read that one, since it explains it in detail already and has a link to a relevant web page from Microsoft with the whole procedure in even more detail as well. If you have questions about that part, please ask them there.

    I'd link you the post, but I'm new here, so I'm not allowed to post links - yet :).

    Jaap van der Velde (aka Grismar).
  3. frangs

    frangs New Member

    Many thanks for the detailed answer!. I will follow this steps when I will have a while.

    My concern is now if there will be no remedy for further updates in case the OS keeps on growing in size, because it seems that we are alreayd on the limit.

    Thanks again for your time posting the reply.
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  4. Jaap van der Velde

    Jaap van der Velde New Member

    It is a bit of an issue, but it's worth keeping in mind that this was a particularly large update. As Windows 10 matures, it's unlikely that we'll see many (if any) updates of similar size and given that Microsoft is aware of this type of issue for a specific class of devices, it's unlikely that future updates will fill in the exact same way.

    But I'm with you in that it's a cause for concern - stay tuned to these forums, I suppose. I certainly won't start the next major update before checking the news around here.

    By the way: if the solution works and your system updates correctly, I'd appreciate a 'like' on my post, as it will allow me to post links as part of my posts and replies. Not being able to is quite an annoying handicap ...
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  5. Yoshi Kamei

    Yoshi Kamei New Member

    Could you tell me how to delete the link created by 'mklink /J C:\Windows10Upgrade D:\Windows10Upgrade'?
    Please elaborate showing detail step by step.
    Thank you.
  6. Jaap van der Velde

    Jaap van der Velde New Member

    Change into the folder where you created the junction (i.e. the link created by `mklink /J`) and simply remove the directory. For the specific example you mentioned:
    • Open a command prompt window
    • c:
    • cd\
    • rmdir Windows10Upgrade
    This should remove the junction, while the folder on D: remains. Hope this helps.