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My new U9+Kodi -- glitches and annoyances

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by virendra, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. virendra

    virendra New Member

    I bought myself a U9 + air mouse remote (Amazon) to replace my old faithful, but obsolete WD Live (doesn't do HEVC). I use it to play videos on an external 1TB USB HD.

    I use transcoding to Dolby, SPDIF audio output, also tried the upscaling 2-ch audio feature. Video to a Benq Projector, audio to Dolby/DTS amp.

    Here's what I found annoying:
    1) Audio: The remote volume control works only for 2-ch audio. With multi channel audio output (whether sourced or upscaled) the volume control has no effect.

    2) Audio: The 2-ch upscaling option raises the audio volume by > 6dB. Every time you play a video with 2-ch audio you have to lower the volume considerably. Very irritating! So I stopped using this otherwise useful feature.

    3) Video: Once in a while (quite randomly) video is replaced by snow (noise) for a few (2-3) seconds before it recovers. On one occasion it did not and I got a blue screen. Had to re-cycle power to recover.

    4) Video: Fast-forward/reverse is a DISASTER! After you hit "play" to resume playback, the video freezes and takes a loooong time to go back to play mode. The longer you FFWD/REV the longer this recovery seems to take. On other occasions the image simply recycles (like a fast 0.5 s GIF) instead of FFWD/REV. The only way to avoid these problems is to use the mouse to move the slider. This works relatively smoothly. Tho to use the mouse on a projector screen you have to have the dexterity and rock-steady hand of a safe-cracker :). And getting the air-mouse in and out of play needs an extra button on the remote. (Aside on the remote: It isn't illuminated and is perfectly symmetrical physically so great fun in the dark trying to find the front of it ;). The WD remote OTOH was well-designed!)

    I updated to FW ver 6 and Kodi ver 17.4. None of these issues seem to have been fixed.

  2. Katalyst

    Katalyst Member

    For #4 regarding FF and RW in Kodi using the airmouse remote. If it's an A2/A3, I find it better to use the left/right on the directional pad for FF/RW. It will move your video in increments of 10s, 30s, 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, etc. with almost zero recovery time. I was also a WD user and upgraded to get HEVC playback and yes, it takes a bit of getting used to it but once you do you'll never look back.

    I agree illuminating the remote would be great. The keyboard side anyways. I disagree with your opinion of the symmetrical shape. How do you expect them to make a two sided remote with a full QWERTY keyboard on it and shape it like the WD remote? lol. But seriously, after you use it for a bit, you'll know by touch when you pick it up which side is which and if you're holding it upside down or not. If my wife can do it, anybody can haha.

    It's a bit frustrating and painful in the beginning but trust me in the end its well worth it.
  3. Kazafog

    Kazafog Member

    To make ffwd and rwd work properly you can disable hardware graphics acceleration but how it affects picture i am not sure.

    The skip function using the left and right buttons is ok but i change the skip times (10sec and 30sec only) it slows it down but at least you don't over shoot. You can also skip 10min by using up and down arrows, not sure if you need to set it up though. I f'd around a bit when i first got the u9, not overly happy with it still.
  4. virendra

    virendra New Member

    Thanks. I wasn't aware that the L/R buttons of the directional pad could be used for FWD/REV. I am assuming that each press of the button steps through 10s/30s/1m etc. increments? Shall give it a shot.

    The A3 remote has curved sides with a waisted middle, completely symmetrical. All they had to do was make the shape asymmetrical by, say, not curving the bottom.

    Is there any way to make the volume control work for multi-channel audio?

    PS: for your sake, hope your wife isn't reading this forum, man! ;)
  5. Katalyst

    Katalyst Member

    If you spend a lot of time in Kodi that directional pad on the remote will quickly become your thumbs new best friend haha. When you pick up the remote your thumb will soon instinctively feel for it and you'll know which way without looking the remote is in your hand.

    I'm sorry I don't think I can help you with the volume control issue. All my remotes are A2 Lites so I have no idea if the A3 is any different. Also, on two of the tvs I normally do the volume thing with harmony remotes and the other I still use my surround receiver remote. I normally keep the minix volume maxed and only use the A2 to quickly turn it down if someone comes in and asks me something, the phone rings, etc. But I've never noticed anything NOT working concerning those volume buttons. Is this happening to you only in Kodi? What about some other media players like VLC, MXPlayer, etc? Perhaps a Kodi keymapping thing? Not really sure - sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

    P.S. I'm fairly confident the wife isn't prowling the Minix forums. If she was, then she wouldn't need me around anymore! lol
  6. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Wives don't come here! (y):coffee:

    They witness you here but wonder what the hell are you still doing there? :rolleyes:
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  7. virendra

    virendra New Member

    True there is a (mathematical) 50% chance that the remote is facing the right way, but somehow I invariably end up with the wrong end facing forward :(. Story of my life...

    I tried the arrow keys on the directional pad and they work! The up/down jumps fwd/back in large chunks and the L/R in much smaller steps. So at least you have a "seek" function if not a FFWD/REV. Makes life a lot easier! Thanks!

    Surprised tho that the Minnix folks haven't addressed this problem given that FFWD/REV is a basic function carrying over from VCR days.

    I also tried the volume control using the two other pre-installed media players, and the control does not work on either of them (5.1 AC3 audio). So apparently its an OS/Minnix problem, not Kodi. Since it's working for you, I'm wondering if this problem is only on SPDIF 6-ch. audio out (assuming you have HDMI audio out)?