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Neo A2 on NEO-Z64 windows - fast forward and rewind buttons don't work

Discussion in 'NEO A2' started by hreich, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. hreich

    hreich New Member

    Hi..all..I am trying to use A2 lite remote with neo z64w and out of box fast forward and rewind button in kodi don't work...Using kodi and Add-on:Keymap Editor i cant reprogram fast forward and rewind button....When i try to remap it it gives the same code 16839168 for both buttons?
  2. hreich

    hreich New Member

    I am using beo A2 on Z64W, and out of the box fast forward and backk buttons dont work...Whenn i tried ussing keyeditor in kodi, setting up ff and rewwind buttons dont work because keymap editor just maps them tothe same code..16839168 ?