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Custom ROM Neo G4-108A KitKat v2.5.0 Community Edition

Discussion in 'NEO G4 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by jukiveins, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    Today I present you with an largely untested version of CE 2.5.0 for Neo G4-108A. Booted fine on a test stick and Wi-Fi seemed to work too.

    This release is an adapted version of CE 2.5.0 for the Neo X5 mini, so your stick will be identified as X5 mini (too lazy to change this). Use the included RK Batch Tool to flash it. The flashing procedure is the same as with past ROMs.

    You install this on your own risk - I will not provide any support whatsoever. I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

  2. junk1

    junk1 New Member

    Thanks! Just a quick question: how is this ROM different / better than the Neo G4-108A KitKat ROM by jukiveins in your other thread?
  3. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    The difference is that this version is the closest to an official KitKat ROM for Minix Neo G4 - every part of it is compiled from scratch, it is without root by default and has many included apps. You can see the changelog here. The other version is adapted from another ROM with a custom kernel and system improvements by me, has only a couple of apps and it is rooted. I specifically tweaked for performance and that was my main goal: it feels über fast on 720p resolution.
  4. lvdoan

    lvdoan New Member

    Thanks for your efforts to bring a new life to this stick. Downloading now and will report the result. This is STRICTLY for NEO G4-108A?
  5. lvdoan

    lvdoan New Member

    Installed successfully. No problem so far, except the system response and wifi were a bit slow and the stick heated rather excessively, more than before. I noticed that this new rom seemed to eat up more power than the previous one. With the old rom I just needed to plug the stick in the USB port of the TV and it booted up normally, but for this new rom it got boot loop. When I plugged in its original power adapter then no more boot loop.
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  6. radu

    radu New Member

    10x for the effort. So, which ROM is faster? This one or the other?
  7. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    Both feel very fast.
  8. Lopete

    Lopete New Member

    Hello everybody. Please wich release of kodi can I install for this great rom?
    It is pre-installed xbmc minix ed. Is it possible any higher release?
  9. Lopete

    Lopete New Member

    I going to answer for my own: xbmc minix ed or spmc both are good. Second: congratulations jukiveins, at least I can enjoy Yomvi (spanish payment tv app)with this rom. One thing I had trying a lot of time. I think that minix can do more with this problem to users. Thanks!

    I have to change the rom from 1.1 because in the third start android requeres me a password. Very hard to solve. This room seems very stable and better. Thank you Joaõ too.
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