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NEO U1 Firmware Requests & Wishes

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Official Firmware Releases' started by walt, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. walt

    walt New Member

    Dear Ken,
    What about adding the Samba server in this beta FW?
  2. xinput

    xinput Member

    would be great to have a samba server added to minix
  3. Denke

    Denke Member

    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016
  4. haru harutachu

    haru harutachu New Member

    Dear administrator
    Please can you ad samba this time?
    and more compatibility with game controls?.
    thank you very much.

    i usualy rename a lot of files with es file explores using copy paste but only can do with the superior marks becouse the paste floating near the file does not work.
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    The posts above (Moved from Bugtracker thread) are not BUG related!
    Please post here and NOT in the Bugtracker thread.
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  6. MacB

    MacB Member

    the systemUI seems to be 720p only...
    my prob is to have 'only' 1280 x <= 720p (down to < 680p) on browsing.
    monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080p.
    can this be changed?
  7. Elvis

    Elvis Member

    I paid $209. Canadian that included the A2 lite remote. I would like away to enter recovery mode from the convenience from my easy chair. I don't think you should necessarily put it in the power management (sleep, restart, power off) icons as another poster suggested, as it may be to easy for a child, teenager or someone else to erase someones setup.I have read where several other brands have used an addon or app to do this. Has Minix discussed or are you thinking of implementing such an option?
  8. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    +1 for a samba server ;)
  9. talatoss

    talatoss New Member

    +1 for a Samba server too!
  10. Rubberdog

    Rubberdog New Member

    What about playback working as advertised when i bought it? 4K 60fps? Or give me my 100 pounds back? Without multiple resets and firmware resets, Or ropey custom kodi builds? That would be a great addition
  11. Rubberdog

    Rubberdog New Member

    Actually, how about just putting your hands up and admitting that you have sold incomplete hardware to customers. As admirable as your customer support appears to be, you are abusing them via these forums to finish something that you have already sold them!

    I do not remember seeing the wording on the Amazon description where I bought my U1 stating that it didn't actually work fully yet as the software and firmware wasn't fit for purpose? So when the Devs come onto the forums, as I've seen today Ken...and get stroppy with disgruntled customers...how about offering a refund to them instead? I'm pretty certain you are out of line in the UK due to the trades descriptions act?? I seem to remember that if something is sold it ACTUALLY has to do what the advertisement says?

    Minix, you are on shaky ground here...sort this out and stop advertising and taking money on a product that isn't finished....will you be sharing profits with the forum members who are bug testing your lacklustre product? I think not.

    Next time, finish the thing before you take my money
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  12. Eatmyboard

    Eatmyboard New Member

    Hello can you add support for xiaomi game pad because works fine only with few games and better experience with minix remote A2 lite most typing . Best regards
  13. xinput

    xinput Member

    i think that's the wrong topic for complaints. You can send the minix back if it doesn't meet your expectations. I bought my U1 last week ans have no significant problems. Some simple bugs witch will be fixed asap. No one here is abused for finishing this product, everyone who reports bugs here, wants to help to get this device better. I don't think you will find anything comparable in this price range.
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  14. Rubberdog

    Rubberdog New Member

    It's not about the bug reporting and fixing process....my point is about selling an 80% ready product for a 100% price.
  15. d4n24

    d4n24 Member

    For me Minix works 24/7. Torrent download and upload.

    Can you setup a blue light to go on 20% of the light when the screensaver is on?

    +1 for Samba
  16. Denke

    Denke Member

    Now Im not sure, you are U1 user or x8hp? You complain about U1, but ask for help in x8hp. And ever since your first post you only say how bad device it is. Send it back, ask for refound, end of story. I have feeling you were sent here to talk b**** against Minix!

    Ask me why I choose Minix over other companies? It is support that its provided. Minix with amlogic s905 is the only device with this soc, that has most of bugs fixed - just go and try other devices and ask for support there... you will come back asap, trust me :)
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  17. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    We're working on it.
    We shall release a version for you guys to test within March.
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  18. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I think pressing and holding the power button on the hub for 6 seconds is quite an easy method to enter recovery mode. :)
    (Don't let your children know :sneaky:)
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  19. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    You may try this:

    Or wait for our official release next week.
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  20. MacB

    MacB Member

    moin @MINIX - Ken
    obviously... i might be kinda' maso ;-)
    i will love to try it tomtom... surely give an answer...
    p.s. btw... sometimes the mouse-cursor seems to be loosing its focus... have to 'try' where it might be...
    the pointer is still seen but its focus is below or above for some cm..

    Edit1: 2016-02-27: now on FW006beta...
    regarding spreadsheeding with AOO there is a change! :) (had to install e'thing new)
    on browsing - it is a pity - no change... remaining <= 680p :-(
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2016