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NEO U1 Firmware Requests & Wishes

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Official Firmware Releases' started by walt, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Gunpoint69

    Gunpoint69 New Member

    Would be nice to get root or an apk to transfer files from the u1 to say usb drive that doesn't take all day to happen
    Es file explorer is by far the best for transferring files for example making copies of your 3 gig. Kodi build to your pc, other file managers take hours to do this and then when they finish some files end up corrupt and u can't trust the backup

    Withe es file explorer copy to root does the 3gig. Kodi backup in 30 min+/-

    I've been testing all the file explorer es and the best one so far that actually transfers all the files properly without root isystem taking over 1.5 hours!!
  2. Hub

    Hub Member

    I have one great wish for any our product. Could you implement software or hardware (in next minix boxes) any button for hard reset and any combination buttons like in windows to soft reset. From time to time boxes freezes and only help pull out power cable. Something like force reset.
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I would think if the only way is to pull the plug then no series of key presses will work anyway!
    If you need something to help when it isn't completely frozen then you can use a Fast Reboot app and/or ES Task Manager widget or something similar.
  4. Meridian

    Meridian New Member

    Is possible to have Radio Fm on Minix!?
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

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  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    any more details? of course we shall fix if we can copy it!
    give us more info, sample video files with problem would be the best!
  7. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Compatibility with Bein Sports app, currently I can´t play any football match.

  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  9. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Ok Villa, thanks a lot for your help.
  10. -Frankie-

    -Frankie- New Member

    For professional uses (digital signage) of the Minix U1: It would be very nice to make it optionally possible to disable the "Starting apps." each time the player is booting. Especially when the TV is in portrait modus because the message is then displayed without rotation. This can be done by altering the SystemServer.java line 578 with the following code:

    if ("1".equals(SystemProperties.get("system_init.showstartingapps"))) { // = new line of code
    try {
      } catch (
    RemoteException e) {

    The above code would allow the option system_init.showstartingapps to be set to 1 in the firmware.
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  11. Adam Foreman

    Adam Foreman Member

    Ken, I can also confirm issues with AVI files using XVID codec. I recently started watching my Simpsons collection again from the beginning and they are a mixture of AVI/XVID and M4V. Both appear to suffer from audio sync problems and become badly out of sync when watching over a network. I'm refering to using XMBC for MINIX latest build. Once file is re-encoded via HANBRAKE, issue is resolved by using H264/MP4. Which is fine as it reduced the files and cured my problem, but this is what I experienced personally.
  12. geek_slayer

    geek_slayer New Member

    how about 4K Youtube and Netflixs support
  13. carlos3210

    carlos3210 New Member

  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    "Radio FM" is an Android app!

    I don't know if @Meridian's question was regarding the U1 having an integral FM tuner or not, but he liked my reply so he must be happy!
  15. joe smitherson555

    joe smitherson555 New Member

    Like to be able to upgrade to marshmellow or have the ability to change my internal drive to sd or usb. So all downloads and installs go directly to the sd or usb. The internal can fill up very quickly even with moving a download to sd you still have traces (data) left behind or it wont move at all. This feature i think should be an option on any media box letting the customer choose what works best for them. I love the u1 only had mine a few days but it blows my pivos and ouya out of the water. However the ouya does have the option of downloading and installing to usb.
  16. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Which downloads?
    I already download to SD card!
  17. joe smitherson555

    joe smitherson555 New Member

    How are you doing that, by default the unit downloads to internal memory if your able to download and install directly to your sd or usb please tell me how your doing that with Android 5.1.1.
  18. joe smitherson555

    joe smitherson555 New Member

    App mnger 3 allows you to move an app from the internal to sd. That is not a direct download and install to sd and it wont move everything.
  19. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I'm talking about downloads not app installs!
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    AppMgr III just shows you which apps are moveable without the need to check every app in Settings.
    Personally I have never needed to move any apps!