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NEO U1 full system image reflashing guide

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. MacB

    MacB Member

    moin @Villa u r right ;-)
    and greetinx (which is a my 'translation' of 'grüssinx' ... a special pronounced 'greetings' within northern germany as well (platt deutsch) ;-)
    sooo... grüssinx ;-)
  2. MacB

    MacB Member

    u r right :)
  3. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    Dann sollten wir in Zukunft auf plattdütsch schnaken... ;)
  4. MacB

    MacB Member

    well...to explain (even if OT)
    the right way is...
    the first person says 'moin' the others replying 'moin moin' (to be correct) ;-)

    bessa' wärs' ;-)
    i'd love to... but this community is in english (trying to refesh) ;-)
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Ich glaube nicht! (I don't know enough German to know if Google translate is correct or not!?)

    Enough OT ! :confused:
  6. pirsquared8

    pirsquared8 New Member

    Ken, does wiping the cache partition also erase away ALL the installed APKs cache?
  7. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I don't think so.
  8. Scooby

    Scooby New Member

    Hi Ken!

    I cannot to update this way. My PCs doesn't recognize the amlogic drivers, so, they doesn't connect succesfully to the PCs by OTG.
    Do you have the amlogic S906 drivers?

    Or, could you send me the bootloader for Minix Neo U1 to flash directly from Sdcard?

    Thanks! Waiting for a reply!

  9. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    You want the usb.zip update file.
  10. SolidSouf

    SolidSouf New Member

    Hi ken,

    everytime I try to flash my neo it gives me an error. I bought the Minix neo u1 and it was a system root out of the box. Am trying to flash an official firmware so that i can ota fw 006...
  11. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    which error? screen copy?
  12. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Also are you sure it was rooted? How did you check?
  13. SolidSouf

    SolidSouf New Member

    Also in a app I saw something like image root protected or something like that..
    Its weird after a couple of tries it finally completed it, just searching for the fw 006
    Also when will the fw 006 be released or is it already out? I read some people have it??

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    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
  14. SolidSouf

    SolidSouf New Member

    Had trouble with uploading the pictures :)
  15. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Only the beta firmware has been released. You can get the beta firmware here - http://minixforum.com/threads/006-beta-firmware.11359/page-6#post-94327
    I'm not sure if the ota will work with the eta firmware so when the final firmware is released you may need to flash it again with PC.
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  16. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Your U1 is not rooted. What you see in the image is normal!
    I don't understand why you have been trying to flash it when you could have updated it via OTA?
  17. SolidSouf

    SolidSouf New Member

    I thought it was rooted (n)

    Do you know when the OTA comes out if I lose everything if I update?

    Thanks for the intel!
  18. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    If you now have FW005 and you wait for the OTA to FW006 then you will lose nothing! :)
    I believe FW006 is due anytime now! (y)
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  19. kondemor

    kondemor Member

    So then at the moment we have only the beta for firmware 006 Isn´t ? I was trying to get the official one but there are no links for downloading and via OTA Update app doesn´t worh from firw. 005.
    Can you confirm it?
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Keep your eys on this thread...
    ...it is locked at the moment. When the firmware is released it will be opened!
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