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Official Release NEO U1 FW009A - 20160816

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all,

    We have released the official 009A firmware for NEO U1: FW009A (20160816).

    Users with FW009 (20160804) may update to FW009A simply by OTA update. (via our MINIX OTA app).

    Change log since FW008:
    1.) Enhanced video deinterlacer quality
    2.) Fixed a HDMI-CEC bug
    3.) Size of mouse cursor doubled
    4.) Updated MINIX XBMC app (requires manual update)*
    5.) Fixed a MINIX UI bug
    6.) Improved .vob playback smoothness

    * Updated MINIX XBMC app (Manual update is required)

    1.) Fixed X264/X265/VC-1 playback/seek & audio out of sync issues;
    2.) Fixed HD audio passthrough 90-95 minutes sound loss issue;
    3.) Improved .mpg video playback smoothness;
    4.) Removed non-supported settings options;

    OTA package size:
    From FW005 (20160130) --> FW009 (20160804): 223.58MB
    From FW009 (20160804) --> FW009A (20160816): 73.06MB

    OTA update procedures:
    1.) All Apps -> System update (MINIX OTA app) -> Check for updates
    2.) Download the OTA update package
    3.) Confirm to update and let the system to reboot and complete the update process
    [Please clear the app cache if the check update failed, or showing network error]

    To enable the new Kodi passthrough:
    1.) Go to Settings -> Audio -> Digital Sounds
    2.) Configure as "HDMI" or "SPDIF" depends on your amplifier type
    3.) If you don't have an amplifier, simply leave this option as "PCM"
    4.) In Settings -> Security & Restrictions -> Unknown sources -> On -> OK to confirm
    5.) Download and install the new MINIX XBMC V16.3.0 apk which supports the new passthrough mechanism
    6.) Enable passthrough in Kodi settings, you DON'T have to if you don't have an amplifier.
    (DO NOT enable those receiver options that your setup does not support.)

    Remote controller app for Android phones:

    Full system image with USB flashing tool:
    MD5 checksum: E6625C24CC0A8F890B7FEA5257855EFC

    Full system image flashing guide:

    USB.zip update package:
    MD5 checksum: B13611E9BC7ED40F51A7F21485A19BAB

    USB .zip update guide:

    Please use a download tool which support resume function to download the update package,
    make sure you verify the MD5 checksum before proceeding to update!!

    Team MINIX.
  2. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Full system image & .zip update package are uploading and links will be provided later.

    Please kindly note.
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I understand that for those with larger/4K TVs this is probably better, but for me this is now a ridiculous size! :eek:

    Ken, is there no way of having a cursor size setting?

    Edit: Maybe I just need to get used to the new size?! o_O:)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2016
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  4. frankpalla

    frankpalla New Member

    you have to uninstall the old version of xbmc or just install it over the old version thanks for your reply and sorry for the English
  5. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    You can update but better to backup the settings befor you do the update http://kodi.wiki/view/backup#Backup_add-on
  6. tlchuan

    tlchuan Member

    Size of mouse cursor doubled too big for me using 1080p display setting
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  7. carlos3210

    carlos3210 New Member

    Text icon on dekstop with "Google Now Launcher" is cutted now with FW009, with Normal or Big text size on Settings... There is too space on the bottom of the page? Or the icons are very near vertically?
    I installed Google Now Launcher because I don't like de Minix launcher 3 since last updates. Thanks.

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    Last edited: Aug 8, 2016
  8. Wickedt

    Wickedt New Member

    When you run the backup, should you change the default file selection setting, and pick them all, or the defaults?
  9. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    Which backup? Android or KODI?
  10. GTuurk

    GTuurk New Member

    After the update on the firmware + the XMBC app, all streams have this black bar at the bottom. Wasn't there before. As you can see its only in the streams, nothing wrong with the ratio.

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  11. gridlock

    gridlock Member

    awaiting the full system image.... thanks a lot ken
  12. Pete_Repeat

    Pete_Repeat Member

    Hmm. I too found the pointer too big already on my projector screen with fw008 so doubling it again would be too big for me.

    Would be good to have a choice of how to scale the mouse pointer.

    Edit: Guessing we're stuck with that size of pointer at least until the next firmware?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  13. Wickedt

    Wickedt New Member

    Kodi, i did the update a nd all is well, i also backed it up in case as per your recommendations.
    Ya the Kodi back up.
  14. shane02

    shane02 New Member

    love the cursor size now thanks
  15. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    I updated my U1 (OTA) and Minix XBMC (manually).

    The box restarted and I watched a short online video with no problem. I did have to resize the screen size (to 96%) and configured the CEC. I updated the XBMC and all the addons remained intact.

    I then restarted the box and the box would go into an infinite loop. It would show the Minix logo, then "Starting apps", then go to the default launcher. It would stay in the launcher for 2-3 seconds and then would restart continuously (Minix logo, Starting apps, Launcher... ). I did not even have time to go to Settimgs or do anything. I pulled the power a few times and it would restart continuously.

    After maybe 5-6 time to pull the power, the box was ok. I tested the box to restart maybe 10 times and all OK.

    Did anyone here experience this? Is there an explanation of the behaviour earlier? It was kind of scary.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  16. TonyL

    TonyL Member

    Seriously, I thought the cursor size thing was a fix, not a "feature" when I first read it!

    Why can't you make it resize depending on resolution? I don't understand... it's cartoon big on 1080p. lol
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  17. csc2ya

    csc2ya New Member

    Thanks. I can now see the mouse pointer without an electron microscope.

    Probably a bad attempt at sarcasm there, but yeah...far too big....the old size was fine.

    It also messed with the zoom level on my box....had to scale it down to stop the edges being cut off on my tv.
  18. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    I don't think it was the mouse pointer which affected the zoom level.
    I think the firmware update did not retain certain old system settings. I had to reconfigure the zoom level and turned on the CEC.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2016
  19. Wickedt

    Wickedt New Member

    I like my little rocket ship mouse pointer lol :rolleyes:
  20. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Try to clear the cache partition by entering the recovery menu (press and hold the power button for 5s+).
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