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Official Release NEO U1 FW009A - 20160816

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. danlat1415

    danlat1415 Active Member

    Kodi have changed their Passthrough coding in the latest Beta 2 onwards.

    They no longer 'hack' Passthrough to work, it will only work depending on the API used in your system's Android version;

    For AMLogic devices that means most likely no passthrough at all, cause of kodi is built without AML specifics, so that the vendors start to use the default API. As we are not inhuman or something, if you rebuild yourself with AML enabled, you will get dependend on device: AC3, EAC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD

    As such, Minix will need to update the Android API in a future update, or we're stuck using older Kodi or Minix Kodi.
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  2. John Dawson

    John Dawson New Member

    Thanks for that. Hopefully Ken sees this and will apply the fix


  3. Craig Magee

    Craig Magee New Member

    I stream video from my pc - when mine wakes from sleep Kodi hangs when trying to connect to my network and I have to close it (takes AGES) and restart it and then it connects right away.
  4. Eagleizer

    Eagleizer New Member

    Very difficult to hit between the correct letters when cleaning up a message.
    The tip of the mouse pointer is not exactly on the tip if you know what I mean.

    Cheers :)
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I find it quite accurate!
    Then again after more than 6000 posts, mostly written and edited whith a MINIX NEO A2 or A2 Lite, I have had a lot of practise! ;):)
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  6. Eagleizer

    Eagleizer New Member

    Oh well, maybe this is how it`s supposed to work, but I`m used to Windows,
    and to set the cursor in Windows, I have to click between the letters to get
    the cursor there. With the MINIX, I have to click on the letter to the left
    of where I want the cursor.

    I also find the Windows pointer better for accuracy, as the left of the pointer
    have a 90 degree vertical line going all the way to the tip. In MINIX the
    pointer have a "rounded" tip and no vertical lines. Well, except for that tiny
    one that makes the tip look rounded.

    Anyway, I`d like it smaller and same as in Windows, most importantly with
    a straight vertical line to the left, going all the way to the tip. (and accurate,
    meaning setting the cursor between the letters when that`s where I`m pointing.) ;)

    IMHO :)

    Cheers :)
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    In FW010 I believe the cursor size has been reduced.

    Major changes in this beta firmware:
    1.) Removed Amlogic's system webview, replaced by the official Android system webview
    2.) Removed system web browser (it can't work without Amlogic's system webview), replaced by Chrome browser, you may also install you own preferred broswers (e.g. Dolphin, Firefox...etc.)
    3.) Added an option to choose between video output from OSD layer (current default, better app compatibility) or video layer (better streaming & deinterlace quality, incompatible with badly written app, however)
    4.) Fixed Wi-Fi static IP issue (10.x.x.x type)
    5.) Fixed sound issue of some games (e.g. PACMAN 256)
    6.) New mouse cursor of medium size
    7.) Updated Miracast app
    8.) MINIX XBMC V16.3 app update (Build 20160911)
  8. Eagleizer

    Eagleizer New Member

    Thanks Villa!

    Just want to clarify that I`m using air mouse. (A2)

    Still wish for a more accurate pointer where the left side is in parallel
    with the cursor and where the left side also indicate where the cursor
    will be placed, at least until the pointer can change to a vertical line
    when you hover over text you want to copy or correct.

    I also find it VERY difficult to move the markers when selecting text. I
    have never made the correct selection in first try. I probably try about 10
    times on average before I have the markers where I want. First I struggle
    to get it in the right place, then when I let go of the OK button, it jumps
    into a different position because it`s way to sensitive. Letting go of the
    button without having the air mouse move a bit is impossible for me.

    I really wish there was a "brake" on the movement like when you reduce
    DPI on a mouse, either automatic when selecting text, or at least an option
    in Settings to lower the DPI permanently like the "Select a Pointer Speed"
    and "Enhance Pointer Precision" in Windows. Or maybe assign a lower
    DPI to Left or Right button on the A2 . I don`t know, but I really hope for
    something to overcome this problem.

    Another problem is marking text in Twitch and other chat where the text
    keeps scrolling as more posts come in. On top of it, when bringing up the
    on screen keyboard, it`s covering the text box, so I cannot see what I`m
    writing. Maybe because English is not my native language, I need to see the
    words while spelling to be able know if I have spelled them correctly. Really
    wish there was a solution for this.

    I know, the text is scrolling when using a PC too, but I have a DPI reduction
    button on my mouse that makes it a lot easier to make the correct selection.

    Anyway, I`m not complaining that much.. Just throwing in some ideas that
    might improve the usability. Altho the selection of text is really problematic
    for me.

    I still really love my U1 and really appreciate the support and work put in to
    make it even better.

    Cheers :)
  9. Menorca Man

    Menorca Man Active Member Trusted Helper

    Reducing your pointer speed might help a bit:

    Android Settings > Language & input > MOUSE/TRACKPAD > Pointer speed
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    If you don't use the on-screen keyboard it can be switched off!
  11. Ardi

    Ardi New Member

    I have just updated my MINIX neo U1 and am not able to stream iptv. This is a paid service that worked minutes before the update. The message I get is "Playback Error encountered" also Kodi shows no stream available.

    Is there a solution to this?

    How can I go back to the older firmware.

  12. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    One thing you can try power on box while holding the power button for 6 seconds or so
    then you should see menu select clear cache worth a try
  13. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    The "true API" doesn't support True-HD or anything above.
    if you guys want "true API", then there will be no True-HD audio support.
    And if they alter it, then it's no longer a "true API",
    then I don't see the reason why they have to drop out ours, if it's not "pure" anymore.

    And this so called "true API" is not available in Lollipop - which Kodi 17 claims to be compatible with.

    Honestly, it's a mess now.

    Maybe one option allowing to choose the passthrough method is the way out,
    I don't have the say, of course.

    P.S. Amlogic's passthrough is available in their beta 3, as we're being informed.
  14. dav003r

    dav003r Member

    Hello Ken, I was wondering were you all going to to do a Minix XBMC 17.1 version since the passthrough option is working? And with the Minix neo U9 coming using android 6, will it have its own version of Kodi since Kodi 17 won't support passthrough in android 6 with AML devices?
  15. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    Tested and verified passthrough is working fine in beta 3 of Kodi 17.
  16. 9800pro

    9800pro Active Member

    Passthrough as HD audio or core ac3/dts?
    And what's the situation with 24p switching?

    sent from my LG G2
  17. UKGraham

    UKGraham New Member

    I would LOVE to have a choice of mouse pointer sizes and colours. My eyesight is poor and I have to get close to the screen to see the mouse. Even on a 55" TV!

    From what I understand, the mouse pointer is a PNG file. Please set up some way of selecting a pointer to use.

    I would be eternally grateful;

    PS. If you could make it into a separate app? Now that would be AWESOME. Could use it on other devices too.
  18. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I think if it were possible it would have been done already!
    The cursor was smaller then it was made larger and now I believe in FW010 it hs been reduced again to a medium size.

    I do agree though, it would be nice to have a choice! :)
  19. cfraser

    cfraser Member

    Hi, new owner, not sure where to ask this:
    Does it make sense to install the latest official FW on the U1 once I've finished running it through a few paces to check electronics are good? Usually I do that with new devices, before I set them up to my liking, but just wondering what you'd recommend in this case, especially since FW010 seems imminent. Instead of maybe waiting for 010, would putting 009 on be a good "learning experience" that would lead to more "learning"? :)
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    To get FW010 you would first need to update, via FOTA, to FW009a and any other version prior to that!
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