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Official Release NEO U9-H FW006 (20170810)

Discussion in 'Official Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

    Yeah I just bookmarked it a few minutes ago. Thank you. Now to try recovering my U9-H without doing a factory reset. Fingers (and toes) crossed.
  2. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    So you performed a full image update? Because I've never seen an OTA or zip update change the KODI version. But I've also never had to do a full image update as well.
  3. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    @ken has suggested that you clear the cache, after you do the firmware update. I routinely clear before and after to make sure there's no ghosts lingering.
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  4. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

    Will do. Thanks for the reminder MrBig.
  5. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    KODI 17.4 stable was released today, in the Play Store and for download. It runs very stable with Firmware 6, on the MINIX U9-h.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
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  6. sinchenkos

    sinchenkos New Member

    After updating, during video playback, the player hangs up. The video plays for five seconds, and then stops. I tried kodi, youtube, vlc, bsp player. Everywhere the result is the same. I had to return to the previous firmware (the rollback via the USB flash drive did not work, I had to flash it from the computer). By the way, even on the previous firmware, I noticed that in the "People" application from Google, contacts are not synchronized. I even reset the factory settings, nothing helped. I tried again to add my account and received a message that it was already added and no contacts were found. It's strange that my phones see them (contacts), but the player does not.
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  7. Dartagnan26

    Dartagnan26 New Member

    OTA already relesed for
    NEO U9-H FW006 ??
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Yes FW006 is available OTA
  9. nofeartn

    nofeartn New Member

    how can i check which version i have now ?
  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Settings, About, scroll down to Build
  11. slawikkkkkk

    slawikkkkkk New Member

    When you turn minix u9 more than 10 applications start (startup). You can clean up so that the next firmware runs the minimum set necessary for the work of the console, so that extra programs do not load the system.
  12. Rickman007

    Rickman007 New Member

    should be passed to Android 7. this should solve all the problems of sounds especially with kodi because there is always the small cut of sounds. google to fix the problem with android 7
  13. carverbaigio

    carverbaigio New Member

    i've an U9 @006 firmware & i'm not able to download NETFLIX from PLAYSTORE.... can you explain me the way? is it possible?
    i try to read the last page.. but i have not understand so well... thanks for all!
  14. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    You cannot install Netflix on to the U9 from the Playstore because it is not a Google Certified device.

    You have to use this version and this version only to get 720p Netflix on the U9:

    Netflix_v5.3.1_HD.apk (click)

    Install it using a File manager App like ES explorer from a USB Stick.
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  15. JonW

    JonW Member

    I found a few posts on the netflix issue and was able to resolve the problem following their advice by downloading direct from Netflix (which I was more comfortable with than sourcing elsewhere:


    I'd have to check again but thought it was 1080p not only 720p?
  16. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Active Member

    You will not get any better than 480p from that direct download Netflix App.

    I will repeat again the U9 is not a Google Certified Device.
    Like all other Android devices you will only get a Max. resolution of 480p out of any non modified Netflix App you install on the U9 including ones direct from Netflix themselves.

    The Max. you can get from the modded Netflix App posted above is 720p at this point in time.
    Search the U9 forums as this Netflix issues has been discussed and logged and tested to death.
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  17. JonW

    JonW Member

    Yes I've trawled the various forums which is where I got the information mentioned previously. Thanks for clarifying re definition, I'll stick with it for now as I can be comfortable it is safe. Do we know where the modded version came from?
  18. Ralie

    Ralie New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I am moving this post from the bugtracker thread for FW006 (20170810) because I did not get any answer there...

    I was surprised a few days ago to find that the OTA update icon was changed on my device as well as the update app itself - I do not remember doing any updates but the OTA update app was different.
    Later I found that the OTA update icon disappeared from my desktop and also from the apps page - I do not have OTA update app any more????
    I found also I was signed out from my Youtube account...
    Are Minix developers doing any changes on the devices when in sleep mode?
    Anyone with the same strange behavior?
    And how will I be able to update my device with any new firmware without OTA update app???
  19. JonW

    JonW Member

    What is the issue limiting quality? I understand not being able to install from the Play Store is due to the DRM check, but why wouldn't side loading the latest official app give HD? I found the below reputable app repository where you can get later versions that have been checked to ensure they are signed by Netflix.

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  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I don't know the exact source but I believe @MINIX - Ken uploaded it to the MINIX download servers...