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Neo u9-h ram upgrade.

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by energy_drink, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. energy_drink

    energy_drink New Member

    Hi all.
    At the begginigng i want to tell you that im not minx owner but looking for newer box based on s912 (i still have android 4.4 box (tronsmart aw80 draco- big dossapoitment)). While searching reviews and google i found picture of u9h motherboard with regular Ram socket.
    So there is possibility to upgrade RAM memory if its not restricted by firmware ofcourse. Did somebody try?[​IMG]

    Wysłane z mojego FRD-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    That is not an image of a U9-H. It is the NGC-1.

    It is not possible to upgrade RAM in the U9-H.
  3. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  4. energy_drink

    energy_drink New Member

    What a shame.
    I was goingto buy that box just becouse of that socket.
    So whats the point of paying twice a price of other s912 device ( h96 pro+ with 3gb ram for example).
    Where does that price difference comes from?
  5. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You said this earlier...
    ...it could be the same for other devices whatever the price point!

    What was your dissappointment?
  6. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    Ahh Padwan - superior tech specs do NOT make a superior Android media player. Ever. Especially from cheap Ship and Forget sellers.
    With any Android media player its mostly about....

    Firmware quality and device stability plain and simple.

    With generic S912 Marshmallow boxes you will be missing wanted stuff like:

    - Kodi Krypton Auto refresh switching for ultra smooth video playback.
    - Kodi Krypton IEC61937 - HD Audio support
    - Multichannel PCM Audio output
    - Dolby & DTS Audio licences
    - Bug busted Firmware for HDR10 video output + correct 23.976fps Pixel clock timing.
    - Widevine L1 + HDCP 1.x - needed if you wanted to run an Android TV ROM and 720/1080p Netflix & other paid for DRM streaming Apps.
    - MIMO (Dual Antennas) for WiFi.
    - Faster, higher quality eMMC flash storage.
    - Wireless Air mouse keyboard voice remote
    - Actual proper box design and engineering...
    - the U1 & U9 have the best thermal (heat) management out of all the AMLogic devices I've seen due to a bloody great big Heat Sink...
    - and with proper thermal management you get device stability and NO CPU or GPU throttling. Far less likely to have the Hardware fail then as well.
    - ongoing bug busting Firmware support.
    - (hopefully) Android OS upgrades

    ALL generic AMLogic S912 boxes running Marshmallow Firmware will have colorspace issues resulting in darker than normal picture outputs, that will not get fixed by the Ship and Forget seller.
    MINIX have since fixed this with a Firmware update.

    Over on the Kodi forums I had to post a "Buyer Beware" Alert for generic AMLogic S912 Marshmallow boxes they were ALL so bad.

    The S912 H96 Pro+ with Android Marshmallow 6.0 Firmware has been notorious for overheating, crashing and not even having a working Google Playstore to install Apps.
    You could not buy a worse S912 device if you tried.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  7. nineteenth

    nineteenth Member

    The 1st difference is that Minix has a pretty good software support. Very few manufacturers of media boxes on Amlogic 912 do something with their firmwares and improve them according user reviews (I know only 2 of them: Minix and Ugoos). When you buy a media box with a poor software support, you are left alone with your problems. You often will not even have any connection with software developers. Does auto frame rate on your media box not work properly? Give up, it will not be fixed! Does your media box not respond in some apps? Give up, it will not be fixed! And so on. But here we have Minix forum where you can describe the bugs directly to the developers, and often these bugs are being fixed.

    The 2nd difference is that Minix Neo U9-H has one of the best cooling system among media boxes on Amlogic 912.

    The 3rd difference is that Minix Neo U9-H is on Amlogic 912-H, where H means that it has license for DD & DTS.
  8. energy_drink

    energy_drink New Member

    I understand now. Thanks for replays guys:)
    Will bo for minix then.
    I have just bought h96 pro mini dongle for my car entertainment (connected to pioneer appradio) but im testing it now on my tv. No issues so far. Android nougat, wodeos and youtube plays good. Didnt try games as its going to my car for videos and navigation anyway

    Wysłane z mojego FRD-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  9. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    The heatsink is big and makes a good impression, but one teardown picture shows, that there is only used a thermal-pad on the heatsink and no thermal-compund/paste.
    It is known, that thermal-compound/paste is much more efective to derive the heat to the heatsink then a thermal-pad!
    Propaply its an good idea, to wait till gurantie is over and then replace the thermal-pad with good thermal-compound like the arctic cooling mx4.