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Official Release NEO X5 mini 4.2.2 firmware (004, 11th March 2014)

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all X5 mini users,

    We are pleased to release the latest version of NEO X5 mini 4.2.2 firmware,
    Download link:
    MD5 checksum: 1fd35020cf14ce4a3130dc53f3627ade

    Forum bonus, 1080fb image (.img only):
    MD5 checksum: 7c44e35f1b84ac40f9c62f5f0714f0d2
    Need flash tool? Go: http://minix.com.hk/downfile/Flashtool_V1.7.rar

    The new auto-driver installation tool is included in this package to simplify the driver installation processes.
    More info. about the tool, please read: http://minixforums.com/threads/neo-device-driver-auto-installation-tool.2949/

    MINIX NEO X5mini 20140311 (version 004) 4.2.2 firmware
    Release Date: 2014-03-11

    Change log:

    1.) System status bar is hidden by default (call it out either by 1.)dragging up with a mouse;
    or 2.)long pressing the menu key of the IR remote);

    2.) Battery level modified to 100%;

    3.) Fixed IR remote wake-up bug;

    4.) New boot screen;

    5.) Preloaded XBMC for MINIX edition, Skype and CloudTV;

    6.) Added screensaver feature;

    7.) Optimized webcam picture taking performance;

    8.) New set of NEO A2 airmouse logic, REWIND/PLAY/FF keys remapped to Android standard;

    9.) Increased DDR performance;

    10.) Default screen scale modified to 100% (full screen);

    Team MINIX.
  2. karlp

    karlp New Member

    Is it possible to get the kernel source for the x5 mini please? I'm having a terrible time getting anyone else's random kernel trees to boot on the x5 mini
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    would you mind telling us why you need the kernel source? thanks.
  4. karlp

    karlp New Member

    Well, I shouldn't have to have a reason :)

    However, I really like the size and mechanical design of the x5 mini, and want to use it for other things. Amongst other things, I want to build more modules not included, for custom usb devices, and want to build native applications for it directly, rather than using androids NDK. I actually don't even particularly care much about the HDMI output or any mali stuff. I've tried quite a few of the other kernels out there, and they either reboot continuously, or aren't recognising the sdcard with my root file system. It's possibly user error, but I'd very much like to have the _correct_ _real_ codebase to start from, and I'd really like you to provide it :)
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  6. g3lo

    g3lo New Member

    Any plans to update to Kitkat? 6months already since last official update.
  7. Minix already said that there are no plans for making a kitkat FW for X5 mini. That being said you can always try the unofficial beta version of kitkat FW and support the developers:
  8. g3lo

    g3lo New Member

  9. Spoonthumb

    Spoonthumb New Member

    When I try to unpack the download I get an error and can't proceed with the upgrade. I am using Allzip on windows 7 ultimate. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    What is the error you are getting? Which file are you downloading, the regular fw or the 1080 fw?
    Check that the chechsum on your downloaded file matches the checksum provided and/or try downloading the file again
  11. Spoonthumb

    Spoonthumb New Member

    The error is
    Format not supported., 0x02000e00
    Don't quite understand what a chechsum is but i'll google it.
  12. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    also maybe try a different program to extract - 7-zip for example
  13. Rod Matthews

    Rod Matthews New Member

    I have downloaded and installed this build on a few boxes now. These are the bugs that I find common in all of the installations that I have tried.

    1) There are some sporadic audio issues when the box first initializes. You have to turn up the sound on the TV and the box a few times before you hear the sound output.
    2) When you have a Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse plugged in the Shift key is not recognized on the keyboard making it difficult to type symbols or caps.
    3) The UPnP function doesn't work well with this build. You can not auto-discover the device on the network with this build.
    4) One thing that I have noticed is that this is the ONLY build so far that the MP3 Streams (Kinkin) add on works in.

    Just some observations that may be useful. I have tried this on about 5 different boxes and they all have the same bugs, meaning that there is probably a bit more fine tuning to be done on the next release. Overall, I love what you guys are doing and I continue to offer my support! (y)
  14. klauzer

    klauzer New Member

    It doesn't go fast to download. It's 2h now. Can it be uploaded on a faster service?
  15. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Try using a download manager, it will download a lot faster.

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  16. Rod Matthews

    Rod Matthews New Member


    I posted a few bugs that I discovered in this version of the XBMC app in a previous post. I also noticed that the XBMC Backup add on does not work in this release. It says that the dependencies are not met. Any idea why?
  17. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Which version of xbmc are you using?

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  18. Rod Matthews

    Rod Matthews New Member

    I am using the XBMC for Minix version that comes preloaded with the firmware upgrade.
  19. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Try upgrading to Minix XBMC 13.3;

    You might also want to try SPMC which you can download from Google playstore.

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  20. Rod Matthews

    Rod Matthews New Member

    I have done both. My MAIN reason for using this version is the MP3 Streams add on from the Kinkin repo in TVAddons. This is the ONLY version of XBMC or SPMC that the add on works in. I would really prefer to use the SPMC application (which I am running on a couple of devices) because it will update automatically through the Play Store, which will be helpful when the full Kodi release comes out. That MP3 Streams add on is SO incredible until I am willing to put up with the bugs in the XBMC version that comes preloaded with the firmware just because this one works. Have you tried that add on?