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Official Release NEO X7 010 firmware (30th April 2014)

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear NEO X7 users,

    The latest official 010 firmware is available now.
    Download link:
    MD5 checksum:
    37276c7280550c7b338035a9d59752bf NEO_X7_20140430_010_OTA.zip

    Forum Download Link:

    Pure 1080P package:

    You may update to this firmware from any older FWs using the below method.
    Update instruction (same as pre-010 and pre-010b):
    1.) Download the above .zip package;
    2.) Upon successful download, then rename the file to "update.zip";
    3.) Put the file to the the hub's root directory (Also called "Internal Flash");
    4.) System will prompt asking for confirmation to update, choose Install;
    5.) System will reboot itself and complete the rests of the update process;
    6.) Upon successful update, system will boot into the Launcher selection screen;
    7.) Remove the update file when system prompt and ask you, or remove it manually afterwards;

    Change log (changes since 009):
    1.) ROM built based on user mode
    2.) Optimized HDMI parameters (NOTE: same as pre-010b)
    3.) Fixed automatic shut-down bug
    4.) Wifi is ON by default
    5.) Screen scale preset to 100% by default
    6.) System bar is hidden by default
    7.) Enhanced Ethernet performance
    8.) Fixed OTG bug
    9.) Raised VCCIO voltage to improve system stability
    10.) Updated media library, lots of video and audio enhancements
    11.) Fixed Wifi display app. bug (NOTE: this app. does not support SAMSUNG & SONY devices)
    12.) Fixed grey bar bug of stock video player (a RK bug on pre-010b)
    13.) AirPin software updated to V2.3.5 (supports Apple iOS screen mirroring, now the NEO completely replaces the Apple TV) - existing AirPin (PRO) users need to uninstall the old version and install the new apk manually.
    Download link: http://minix.com.hk/downfile/AirPin_PRO_MINIX_2.3.5.apk
    14.) New MINIX Metro launcher preloaded
    15.) Fixed XBMC MINIX Edition MP3 stuttering bug

    Users using FW 008 or 009 shall receive the OTA push notice on the 2nd week of May,
    when office resuming from the National holidays here, thanks.

    Thanks and regards,
    Team MINIX.
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  2. Marulak Manurung

    Marulak Manurung New Member

    First, I want to congratulate to the new MinixForum site for the new fresh looking.
    Toast to everyone and specially to Forum Admins.(y)

    Below, is my first post at the old MinixForum regarding my Minix Neo X7 issues.
    I just re-post it here to gain more attention :)

    "Hello everyone and Minix Team!

    Just bought Neo X7 a month ago from local store here in Indonesia and here are some of story I need to share (Configs, results and problems):

    1. Had updating to FW010 "Pure 1080p" package via SD-card (update.zip) from FW010 720p/Overlay, FW09 (January 2014) and stock December 2013 version (don't know the FW number version exactly)
    2. Done Rooted using Gufone's Root Update package (Thanks Gufone!).
    3. Modify screen DPI using "ROM Toolbox Lite" from 160 to 240.
    4. Perform extensive test of all X7's capability.

    And here are I need to summarize of my current configuration:

    1. Using my Samsung LA32D550 (1080p), all visual result and audio performance have no issues. Booth running normal.
    2. Using PCPlay USB2PS2 Keyboard+Mouse adapter, stock remocon and A2 Airmouse (rarely used), X7 configured as a MiniPC.
    3. Using Wifi and USB Modem (Huawei E173 via OTG cable), I connected to internet.
    4. Using one or two HDD (NTFS) as a central storage for downloaded HD video (using Tubemate v2.2.4.597).
    5. Using Bluetooth mouse PowerLogic BTX 1 GX as a secondary gaming controller.
    6. Using Nova Launcher as a primary launcher.
    7. Using some Xposed modules and others well-known utility apps for rooted device.
    8. Using XBMC (Gotham) infrequently but its run perfectly, mainly used as an alternative to MX Player.
    9. Using Miracast/WiDi from my Neo N003 Advanced, running smoothly, no issues at all.
    10. Using SDCard slot mainly just for card reader, sometimes it used empty.
    11. Using "NullKeyboard" app for hiding the Google Keyboard (on-screen soft keyboard) since its useless.
    12. Test-Trial Camera app using "Magic Pencil Microscope USB", running well but with generic/minimalistic setting.
    13. Uninstall stock AirPin since I don't need it.
    14. Uninstall stock Chinesee Google IME since I don't need it.
    15. Etc.

    Now for some issues I have encountered:

    1. I found the X7 booting was too long, normally it takes 10 mins or more to see all shortcut icons to show up. What's wrong?
    2. I saw that CPU most of the time dominated 1008MHz clock frequency, even in gaming or watching HD movie. Why? Is Interactive governor acting like that? Since X7 DC powered, why its setup default to minimum clock?
    3. Why the Flash memory is slower than SD-card? How to make it faster without involving an additional app?
    4. What is "rknand_buffer" really do? Why it's showing as the most intensive task for most of the time?
    5. Sometime, any app currently open (game, browser, watching movies or in setting menu), the app suddenly closed and return to desktop. What was that? It happened in any situation, whether during interaction or passively reading or watching. What is wrong?
    6. Why there is no option to unmount storage of USB devices (thumbdrive, hardisk, camera MTP) under storage setting? How to Unmount them?
    7. While playing Real Racing 3, Why the music track sounds like in slomo or laggy rate, while sound fx sounds normally? How to make it normal like in my Neo N003?
    8. How to make an exclusive portrait app/games to be playable in landscape mode? Some of my children's games could not be played since the games only restricted to portrait mode. It's really dissappointed for them while they really want to play it on the big screen.
    9. What is A2 airmouse really have? Gyroscope or Accelerometer? It really performed very poor while driving in RR3, AngryBirds GO!, Riptide or Mou in-app games. Even already toggled its axis several times, its still can't perform or equal to phone's sensor. How to tweak its sensor?
    10. Is there any app available which capable to verify that RK3188's Mali-400 GPU is really MP4/quad-core and check their clock frequency correctly?
    11. Does RK3188 has built-in thermal sensor? If it does, what app can read its real value?
    12. What flash type does X7 use? Is it MTD or eMMC?

    Now, for my personal opinion of X7 appearance and build quality:

    1. Poor placement/location of SD slot and OTG port. I could not plug my Meenova MicroSD Card Reader! Whether their position is too close or the SD slot is still remain outside 4mm, this problem really a headache. I couldn't plug Meenova if SD card is inserted.
    2. No built-in microphone? Why MINIX don't put a small condenser mic just like in a regular tablet? Is it expensive? Why letting people has to provide a mic just to record a sound?
    3. I can't see that low dim purple LED of power. Why MINIX don't put some multi color LED in front of panel, showing the status of X7 just like in laptop? Even my Neo N003 has 3 RGB LEDs for all notification status.
    4. Why MINIX don't put small rubber foot for X7 bottom? Just in 3 weeks, its exposed bottom has so many scratches and its easy to sliding if cables or connector need to plug-unplug.
    5. For purchasing both NEO X7 + NEO A2 for $200 (Indonesian Rupiah conversion), do I reserved for these issues?

    Okay, for IMHO, I still not using yet all X7's real potential (Ethernet port, passthrough optical, WiFi 5GHz) since I don't have supported device yet, but for a common user like me, to MINIX Admin and all Gurus here, please help to share your idea, solution or advices for these story I wrote. I don't want to make my wife and kids got dissappointed knowing that this expensive purchase could not meet their expectancy.

    From my own POV, Neo X7 was a great machine for the next 2 years!
    So, once again, sorry for this long story and really appreciated for any given input."
    (live from Batam, Indonesia)
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  3. blp042

    blp042 New Member

    I am assuming this acts as a miracast display, or sink, device. Is that correct?
  4. Marulak Manurung

    Marulak Manurung New Member

    No brother, as I stated above, I configured X7 as an Android PC.
    Connected to Sammy HDTV via included HDMI cable and interaction with all available device (PS2 Keyboard and Mouse, Bluetooth Mouse, Neo A2 Airmouse and included remote).
    For Miracast display, just used for X7 capability as a receiver from my phone, Neo N003.
    Since playing RR3 in my phone with Miracast-ing to HDTV thru Neo X7 is better than playing in Neo X7 itself.
  5. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    hi i just updated to the 1080 p firmware 010 but now the home screen seems messed up , even metro launcher now takes up half my screen . information bar bar is microscopic . xbmc seems ok . but a ll launchers are bad , even the settings are ok just a bit smaller
  6. Knud Schrøder

    Knud Schrøder New Member

    After updating to firmware 10 from 7c my wifi ist not more ok.

    It's disconnecting the whole time, in firmware 7c it was ok. I have download the update at put it on the SD card to update. How can i fix my wifi. Connect with wifi is possible, it have no more performance on wifi 0.2 and are disconnection all the time.

    Please help.
  7. Knud Schrøder

    Knud Schrøder New Member

    PS. Ethernet is ok and all app still working. Only Wifi not more function.
  8. Bank

    Bank Member

    Use the Video Overlay update.zip from http://www.minixforum.com/threads/r...-system-mods-no-cwm-no-pc-needed.43/#post-932
    This update.zip puts the 720p + 1080p overlay firmware 010 into full 1080p mode (which will have no effect on the 1080p firmware), but it will also change the dpi setting to 240 dpi which will have positive effect on the 1080p firmware 010.
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  9. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    So first I install the fw 010 1080p again . After I do that I just take your link and do another update on the 1080p ? Because at the moment I reverted back to 720p cs of this issue .. also which of the three shall I choose

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  10. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    There are three types to choose from ?

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  11. Bank

    Bank Member

    You can simply use the 720p firmware 010 and use the update.zip you would like to use:
    "MINIX X7 FW010_720: To replace build.prop to enable 1080 (disable video overlay and set 240dpi) use this update.zip"
    "MINIX X7 FW010_720: To replace build.prop to enable 1080 (disable video overlay and set 240dpi) AND patch for HLS streaming AND add some anti DRM checks use this update.zip (Thank to HardwareGuru for the hint)"

    To install Gufone's updates simply download the needed file into the root of internal or external SD and rename it to update.zip. Click Install when the update popup appear. This can take some time (it's the same procedure to update an official OTA). [Note in some cases you need to reboot your NEO X7 in order for it to detect the update.zip]
  12. Bank

    Bank Member

    The first and third update.zip changes the 720p firmware 010 into 1080p + 240dpi
    The second one restores the changed firmware back to the 720p firmware 010.
  13. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    Thanks a lot bank .. so basically from my current 720p fw I can just use the zips u provided and go 1080p plus 240dpi in one update .. great .. also what is drm ? And that patch ? Sorry im kind of a noob to this but im very tech minded so ull only tell me once and ill pay it forward ..

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  14. Bank

    Bank Member

    Yes. :)
    DRM = Digital Rights Management . In essence this is a method to keep one from playing 'illegal' media files. The specific patch works around that and also takes care of a streaming issue with HLS (HLS = HTTP Live Streaming is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple Inc. as part of their QuickTime, Safari, OS X, and iOS software)
  15. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    Thanks .. was wiki ing it .. u simplified it ..

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  16. Knud Schrøder

    Knud Schrøder New Member

    Have nobody problem with the new firmware and wifi?
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  17. glenn gauci grech

    glenn gauci grech New Member

    I do not use wifi .. but I ended up reverting to 720p .. 1080 makes things seem smalller till u fix the dpi .. once u fix the dpi it is the absolute same as the 720p no difference at all ... so on 720 p means less strain on the x7 and therefore I saw smoother playback of hd movies ..
  18. David Belin

    David Belin New Member

    My wifi Works fine with the new firmware. but a have a irritating issuu with Netflix, my frame rate is slowing down and speeding up again all the time. so i downgraded to alle the other firmware there have been releasd nothing helps... :( i can tell from others that it is a problem for a lot of Minix X7 users.

    Ps. I just bought it. It came with the latest 010 firmware. Apart from that it is working nicely.

    Best regards David
  19. Maverick_37

    Maverick_37 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I want to download the firmware from the offical site but it looks like the site is not accessible.
    Anyone else having the same problem at the moment?
  20. Bank

    Bank Member

    There is a difference. In essence using the 1080p setting allows you to play full HD (1080p) media content (like e.g. movies) in any video player and not just the stock video player. So it will allow you to view 1080p movies in e.g. XBMC for MINIX or video player like MX Player or VLC for Android.
    The change of the dpi setting (from 160dpi to 240dpi) allows the NEO X7 firmware 010 to render apps and stuff like the MINIX Metro launcher in an appropriate manner, so the apps and launcher correctly fill the screen.