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Beta Release NEO X7 KitKat beta firmware

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by gufone, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. gufone

    gufone Big Owl - Developer Super Moderator

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  2. Pemicope

    Pemicope Member

    When can we expect a final version of this firmware?
    Any estimate? Thank you. :)
  3. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

    Can you please post a link to how to get back to 4.2? Just says it´s not easy. :D
  4. Mario

    Mario Member

    Page 6th old forum
  5. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

    Checked page 6, couldn´t find it.
  6. Pemicope

    Pemicope Member

    It's easy really!

    With the device turned off, press the button on the back with a toothpick or a paper clip.
    Without letting it go press the power button.
    Once you hear a Windows sound you know the device is in flash mode.
    Now let go the button on the back, but keep the power button pressed.
    Open the RKBatchTool, choose the image file for 4.2 and start flashing.
    When you see a green message on RKBatchTool, you can let go the power button.
    And you're done. ;)

    If you notice something wrong, flash it again, doing the same exact steps. Sometimes you need to flash twice.
  7. Mario

    Mario Member

    You must go first to 008 fw and than to ota 010 fw.
  8. Mikael Bäckström

    Mikael Bäckström New Member

  9. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Not fully.. if you want to go back from kitkat to jelybean you have to keep the power button pressed from boot till the flash procedure is finished.
    If not it could damage the bootloader and you have to open your box to get it back alive again.

    Best is to keep both reset and power button pressed at all times till the flash procedure is done;
    1. power down the X7
    2. press reset button and keep it pressed ( with a paperclip, the burron is in the small hole next to the HDMI port )
    3. press the power button and keep it pressed.
    Now you het hands to short...
    4. on the RKbatchtool you will see its active, press restore... yes we need another hand lol
    5. KEEP RESET AND POWER button pressed till the entire flash procedure is done !
    Yes you could get a blue finger but this is the best way to do it.
  10. Pemicope

    Pemicope Member

    Yes, I forgot, you need version 008 first then 10.
    There's no need to keep the reset button pressed, jut power.
    That's how I did it anyway, and everything went fine.
    But just in case keep both pressed. :p
  11. Cybermonk

    Cybermonk New Member

    Updated from NEO-X7-216A_2014. to NEO-X7-216A_2014.

    Edit: No problems anymore whatsoever

    Led works, and the problem with my remote not responding was caused by using rechargable batteries... i think they are just too weak.
    Once fully charged they work only for a very short moment. Bought some normal batteries and remote works just fine now.

    The included XBMC 13.2.1 caused problems for me, while watching a movie, movie stops playing a few times and they are displayed in a very small and width view/ratio by default.
    Uninstalled 13.2.1 and installed 13.3.0 both problems are gone.

    Btw im not experiencing shutdown issues anymore, only xbmc crashes but thats solved with the latest xbmc for minix.
    Not got sound problems either but im using spdif passtrough. Love this fw, can't wait for final 1080p version (y)
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  12. Duelists

    Duelists New Member

    Just an update on some KK Testing. Seeing I am only really using the x7 as a platform for XBMC. I Decided to remove the k400 usb dongle once fully loaded and running in XBMC. this certainly extended the time the unit remained operational by almost 24 hours. However it eventually shut itself down.....

    Still not sure why as yet. Apart from the shutting down issue the only other thing I have noticed is that XBMC can loose connectivity with my av receiver via HDMI. Have trouble playing videos that are pro logic or 2 channel related. Have the audio passthrough set up but all running through the HDMI.
  13. JockeSve

    JockeSve Member

    How is the NAND flash partitioned in latest beta release?
    Is the final layout decided yet?
  14. Duelists

    Duelists New Member

    Have decided that I can live with the auto shut down issues on the KK firmware. Provided I keep the k400 unplugged from the device. Biggest issue now is the loss of sound out of xbmc. On 10 if I could not play a file with 2 humanely audio all I had to do was okay one with digital 5.1. This kicked the av receiver into gear and away it went. Not so on KK. Playing a 5.1 track worked fine. But it still won't play a 2 channel file. To get it to work there is this balancing act between booting up the x7 and restarting my av system. If the timing is off..... And sometimes it clicks and it all works and then sometimes, not so much.
  15. leenz

    leenz New Member

    Just want to check to see if I have the correct information - I think I saw mention in an earlier comment that if I upgrade from JB to KK (this version or any other of the custom roms e.g. HardwareGuru 6, Quickshot, Wasser) the Minix stock browser will no longer support flash. Is that correct?

    The reason I ask is that I have a couple of sites important to me (well actually only 1 - the Australian AFL football site) which still require flash.

    Alternatively is there an easy to install alternative browser on KK that will play Flash? I understand that Dolphin has a Flash add-on but I haven't been able to get it running in JB. For an alternative to be acceptable I guess I would need to be able to verify that it works in JB before I upgrade to KK. So I'd be happy for you to say that Dolphin + Flash addon is good for flash but then I need a step-by-step instruction list of what I need to install to get it running and what I do within the browser to enable flash for any given site.

    Currently running HardwareGuru 4 + Beyond XBMC and have enough freetime this coming weekend for an upgrade - just trying to decide what I should be upgrading to.

  16. mandroid

    mandroid Member

    How's the WiFi hotspot I use Ethernet so would like to know if wifi hotspot works well and do i need to keep the antena on tryed with quickshot v2 thats still jellybean but get weak wifi has anyone tryed it yet on this rom and how about browser is this true no more support for browser for minix like one of the posts on here said not good
  17. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Google have now dropped all support Adobe Flash Player, so the stock browser on KitKat will not support Flash.

    However, there are a couple of browsers that you can try - such as Dolphin Jetpack.
  18. liamford

    liamford New Member

    When this comes out of beta and is officially released, will it be automatically updatable via over the air?
  19. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Hi Liam, most likely yes. The overall user feedback thus far has been positive, so we assume most customers would rather we fully adopted this KitKat FW as our 'official' FW and release future updates of it via O.T.A - rather than continuing with the Jelly Bean FWs.
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  20. liamford

    liamford New Member

    Thanks for the reply :) any rough idea on the eta?