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Beta Release NEO X7 KitKat beta firmware

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by gufone, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. pecanster

    pecanster New Member

    Thanks to the Administrators, Moderator's and all involved in making and improving the software.
    Take a holiday guys we are in no rush. Old FW still works.
    Happy Holidays
  2. Andrea Borgia

    Andrea Borgia Member

    Did you find out how to do it? Mine is also not showing up, although developer mode is enabled and USB debugging is marked. ADB always returns an empty list.

    EDIT: the following tutorial greatly helped:
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  3. DeekB

    DeekB New Member

    I am running the latest software 2014. and cannot connect to Private internet access VPN using the app, Works fine on my HTC smartphone so something else that may need looked at by the devs.
  4. searcher8206

    searcher8206 New Member

    is there any way to use minix as an amplifier? I mean to bring music in via jack or microphone and out via spidf?
    I have a hi fi mp4 wich delivers music only through jack 3.5, no bluetooth or wi fi
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  5. aDogNamedGromet

    aDogNamedGromet New Member

    Looking forward to this release. I have two neo x7 and they are up todate to ver10, I really like them.

    We have had problems withthe following. The wired connection on one, and both have had problems locking up or not loading everything. I often get a message like app not installed or xbmc has not loaded my preferences. I suspect it is a rock chip driver problem. Several sd cards have been corrupted (probably because I ejected without ejecting media.) I am wondering about data integrity on bigger volumes like 2tb. The machine needs cleaning apps to run fast w/o grinding to a halt. I used usb full keyboards and the enter key should be the enter key. the arrow keys should work. US 101 keyboard should be a standard option. The pop up bar should have more options. Like lock and stay up or selective hide unhide with Mouse or something not a keyboard thing. and have a key that is not also the volume mute F10. Everytime I use the bar it mutes. I use that bar allot it needs options.

    I love this thing and want it to be better. nuff said :) other than that it is great.
  6. cyreptiles

    cyreptiles New Member


    I following all the guides to put my device to recovery mode with OTG cable but when the device go to recovery mode it show the android logo and it says No command and it doesn't start the driver installation on my windows machine.
    i purchased new otg but i have the same issues. OTG cable is connected with usb A /A cable direct to computer.

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  7. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    You dont need to put your device into "recovery mode" .. it fhould go to "flash mode" so you can "flash" it with the "PC" flashtool.
  8. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

  9. cyreptiles

    cyreptiles New Member

    i connect minix on my computer with otg and usb A/A but pc does not detect it. usb debug and connect to pc is ON .

    what to do ?
  10. MaxeL

    MaxeL Active Member

    What system are you using on PC?
  11. cyreptiles

    cyreptiles New Member

    I have one PC with windows 8.1 and one notebook windows XP. same happen on both..
  12. ganesh patel

    ganesh patel New Member

    This beta firmware is stable for neo x7 no any problems

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