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Beta Release NEO X7 pre-010 firmware (March 2014)

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by gufone, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Dear all X7 users,

    As agreed by many members here that we should release a beta before we release the OTA update,
    so here is the update.zip package for the pre-010 firmware. The date code is internal (August 2013), please ignore it.

    Please note this build is based on pure USER MODE (like most of the cellphones on market do), which means root access will be limited, we do that because the previous partial root firmware may have problems with some apps. which detect the root access very straightly. For expert users we shall release a developer ROM later, probably on next week. We just want to make this clear to avoid misunderstanding that we might want to lock something up.

    pre-010 download link:
    http://minix.com.hk/firmware/update.zip [THIS IS BETA, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ACCEPT THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING.]
    MD5 checksum: 645a8a6b59d566b52fea131a8f7af1da

    Upgrade instruction:
    1.) download the above file to a USB drive or HDD, or to the hub directly if you would like to;
    2.) NO need to upzip;
    3.) Use the stock Explorer app. or other file explorer app., copy the update.zip package to the "Internal Flash" (root directory) of the hub;
    4.) System will automatically detect the package and ask for your update confirmation, reboot the system if the dialogue doesn't pop out;
    5.) Just choose Install and let the rests to get done;
    6.) Remove the .zip file after the upgrade is done completely;

    Change log:

    1.) Firmware built by Root mode -> User mode (like most of the cellphones on market, resolved the problem of false root detection by some apps.)
    2.) HDMI parameters updated (tested PASS on professional signal device)
    3.) Fixed random shut-down bug during boot up/ entering system (a FW 009 bug)
    4.) Screen scale default 50% -> 100% (as requested by many of you)
    5.) System bar hidden by default (as requested by many of you)
    6.) Optimized Ethernet driver/performance
    7.) Fixed OTG bug
    8.) Raised VCCIO voltage to enhance system stability
    9.) Updated media codec
    10.) Raised DDR memory speed to enhance system performance

    Have a nice weekend!

    Team MINIX.
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