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NEO Z64 Android Video Review

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by robertojorge, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. mrrawuk

    mrrawuk Member

    Good review, but you do not mention anything about the remote control which is clearly a chink in it's armour.

    I have both the windows and the android machines and both are slightly let down by a poor supplied remote.
  2. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    NEO Z64 Windows version does not include a remote.

    NEO Z64 Android comes with the standard IR-remote.

    The IR-remote is primarily meant to provide easy navigation of the MINIX Launcher.

    It's not possible to do everything on the box using the IR-remote, which is why we advise customers to also use either a MINIX branded air-mouse, a conventional mouse and keyboard or a wireless (Bluetooth) mouse and keyboard.
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  3. mrrawuk

    mrrawuk Member

    I totally agree that you cannot do it all with the suppiled remote, but it is poor in it's own way when it needs multiple clicks to do basic things such as choosing to open apps or navigate etc etc.

    I now have the optional Minix A2 and that is working great, but for such a premium item users should not have to buy a £25 remote in my opinion.
  4. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi, Actually i do refer my experience with the Ir remote at 5:45 +- and i also mention the Neo M1 air mouse. IR remotes are not the best in any way and are only good for basic stuff as mentioned. But so far ive experience roughly 15 Android Tv Boxes from different brands and what i can say is that even the IR from Minix is not perfect in terms of performance is still one of the best out there.

    Off course for better performance and faster response times any Wireless remote is better and i think you made a great choice getting the A2, i still have the M1 and very happy with it.

    Thanks for the feedback!!
    All the Best
  5. mrrawuk

    mrrawuk Member

    Thanks for the reply RJ.
    I bought the Box based on your review, and yes you did comment on the remote at 5.45, but you state that it's a better experience with the second remote and don't mention any of the problems that others like myself are talking about with regards to the original remote.

    Your review is excellent, but edges a hint of bias maybe?
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  6. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi again :) No prob.

    Glad i could help deciding the box that you got. In the videos that i make besides facts that i present like the real world performance of such devices i always state the word "my opinion", (probably didn't mentioned just before the remote) but there are some situations that actually are based only on my opinion. Is the size right? Is the number of buttons enough? Is the rubber alright? These are all subjective matters across all the brands that i review. So when you use the word "bias" you mean my personal opinion, yes thats totally true (if you mean something else please let me know).

    Im sorry that you do feel disappointed with the remote. I also use airmouse remotes myself. But once again when i pick up the Ir and play around with it and compare to others i cant say that it works bad, it captures the signal even when im off angles, which is something rare to happen on any box with a IR included :)

    At this moment ive got on my hands the X6 to test out and see how it performs against other machines that i have tried with the Amlogic S805 and i finished this morning the remote tests and all those tests that you've seen on the Z64, and my opinion still stands. You will get a better experience with Wireless but i cant say its bad, just cause the dam thing gives signal even without pointing directly at the device :)

    Thanks again for the feedback regarding the review.

    PS: On a side note, do you feel that the remote has some problem regarding manufacturing? It could be. And in that case i would ask for a replacement on your vendor.

    PSS: And now that you have the A2 hope that you enjoy that great machine as i do :)

    All the Best
  7. Gadgor

    Gadgor New Member

    Thanks, nice box.
  8. paramidget

    paramidget New Member

    Hey RJ!
    I bought the Z64A because of your review and a lot of web surfing too. So far it's been great. I have Hulu and Netflix working along with Plex and Kodi for local content. I bought the A2 air mouse and it is soooo much better than the IR remote.
    Keep up the vids mate!

    Ian (in Australia)
  9. Ayie

    Ayie New Member

    Hi RJ! Thank you for the informative video. There is something that bothers me with regards to the Z64a being a single band wifi 802.11n. How would it work on a 802.11ac dual band router?
  10. Adam

    Adam Member

    It works just fine on a dual band router
  11. Ayie

    Ayie New Member

    Thank you Adam!
  12. Adam

    Adam Member

  13. brandnewbien

    brandnewbien New Member

    Will my iPega PG-9021 still work on this as it worked on my x8-h?
  14. alt126

    alt126 New Member


    I found your review really helpful and helped me to decide to go for this device. But I have some doubts about if I can run some applications on it so that's why I am writing this to you.

    I know there is a psp emulator but I am not sure if this did is powerful enough to run some games. Can I ask you to kindly check if God of war games can run smoothly on that emulator on the z64 please?

  15. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi @alt126 actually emulators its something that i don't use and honestly i would not know how to test them properly without spending a lot of time with them to be comfortable talking about and testing. Hopefully there will be someone else that has the machine and might help on this particular topic.

    Off topic im working in a nice Video related to gaming that might help you out to see the kind of performance of this machine :) In a few days 1 week i expect to upload and ill share here on the forum for the community.

    All the Best
  16. alt126

    alt126 New Member

    Thanks for your reply... I Will waitfor your review.

    Is there anyone with psp emulator running on this device???

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  17. fir_nev

    fir_nev Member

    My Z64A died today (1mth+), @robertojorge :cry:. Btw, I subscribed to U on YT first before knowing that U are on here.
  18. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi @fir_nev thanks for being part of the YT community :)

    Regarding the Z64 sorry to hear that. And honestly its the 1st time i hear it. No one else so far has reported a similar situation, i have mine for as long as it was released, had been abused a lot under tests, video playback straight 24h non stop and all crazy stuff and for the past weeks testing game stream at full 1080p 60fps and so far no problems, it gets a bit warm but no issues.

    You said 1 month so you are under warranty, just ask for a replacement on the seller and you will be fine.

    The only thing that come to my mind is the power grid, if you live in a zone that has a lot of power peaks than it might damage more fragile components. I use UPS on my office to avoid that situation, and where i have tvs and other electronics i use power outlets with peak protection, but that is all that i can guess here.

    Hope you get a replacement soon.
  19. fir_nev

    fir_nev Member

    Thanks for the quick reply, @robertojorge

    After failed attempts to recover it, we will be sending it back to the reseller.

    Looking forward to Ur video uploads on YT. (y)
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  20. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member