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NEO Z64 Android Video Review

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by robertojorge, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. kastro

    kastro New Member

    i have the same issue with flickering video on Z64 Android latest firmware. I tried all versions of Android and still the same issue. I have tried in two different TV's Samsung 50" and 55" still the same issue. I tried to change the HDMI from 1920x1080 60hz to 50hz to 30hz even to HD only still the same.

    Most of the time when i close the application as an example Youtube the screen goes for a second black and then the TV shows that it was just connected again HDMI 2 for example at the corner and then its stable until i swap the app again.
  2. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Humm! I still havent updated my firmware on the Z64 and by your comment i will probably hold because mine is working perfectly.

    On a side note have you tried to change the HDMI cable? Is is connected directly to the TV or any Hub?
  3. mrrawuk

    mrrawuk Member

    Perfect advice and perfect sense.
    If your box is running fine do not update unless you need specific features a new Firmware can provide.
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  4. Pirate

    Pirate New Member

    Hi Roberto
    Thank you very much for the review. Bought the Android Version Z64 after watching your video.

    Important to mention is that either of the following TV-Streaming Apps works:

    - Zattoo not working at all (streaming error)
    - Willmaa not working at all (no channel list)
    - Horizon go not working at all (crashes before being able to do anything)
    - Teleboy not working very poorly (when I am lucky a manage to stream a channel after several tries)

    Very disappointed in the device :-(

    Moderator edit: @Pirate's thread on these issues...
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  5. fir_nev

    fir_nev Member

    I think it is our Z64A adapting to the UHD TVs. I also have the same issue but I never put much thought into it. Tried with full HD TV and no blackout.

    Maybe MINIX NEO X8-H PLUS won't have such issue.
  6. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Just replied on the other thread :)
  7. antoinks

    antoinks New Member

    Hi RJ,

    just wanted to check if you noticed the device warming rather quickly? or if the unit got a little hot during the testing period. The Z64A i just got recently felt a little hotter, than i would've have thought. Maybe because of the "fanless" feature?

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  8. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hey Antoin, mine is always warm :) 24/7 on hehe!! It gets warmer when playing high bit rate videos and specially when i do game testing but having the device since it was released about 1 year ago i would not worry about the temperatures, if it had to fail, it had because i put a lot of stress into it and so far working great hehe!! Enjoy it and push it, don't worry :)
  9. antoinks

    antoinks New Member

    Thanks RJ!

    Looking forward to make full use and enjoy the features of this device. Cheers!
  10. lfp

    lfp New Member

    Hi Roberto,
    Nice review thanks!
    I'm using an external keyboard with Portuguese layout, but some keys are not correct.
    Do you know any solution for this?
  11. Pirate

    Pirate New Member

    Hi all

    After seeing a lot of Android-Apps not working I decided to change my Z64A into a Z64W.

    Had an old Win7 license laying around. Installed Win10 (official iso downloaded with media creation tool from Microsoft, must be the newest built, else one cannot activate it with a Win 7 key) and managed to activate it with the Win7 license. :)

    Instructions here:

    Driver for Win10 can be found here (missing in youtube above which is for Win8.1):

    Everything worked just fine!

    Now I am testing.

    First positive things:
    - Kodi working fine
    - I can finally use remotedesktop to administrate the device, which is much more comfortable for me.
    - Zattoo App works
    - Air Mouse works, but no Windows-Button :-(

    I'll keep you updated.
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