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NEO Z64 Windows 8.1 Video Review

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by robertojorge, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi Angelo, im using a Micro SD Samsung Evo 32GB and been working great :)

    All the Best
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  2. profixit

    profixit New Member

    Thanks Robert, what does it show up as.

    I'm finding that all my programs won't accept the MicroSD as a path directory, cos it's removable.
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  3. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    It shows up as a micro SD but i tested installing office on it and worked great. Also on page 1 you may check a user using 2 external USB drives and installing software there without any prob. Try with another sd or a usb to troubleshoot.

  4. newbie99

    newbie99 Ex Moderator

    How To Mount SD Cards As A Local Drive In Windows
    and here with some pictures http://tablets.wonderhowto.com/how-...t-surface-your-apps-can-actually-use-0140145/
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  5. Btodd

    Btodd New Member

    Robert, can you tell me about the on-board NIC? I didn't see much information about it in the video. Is it not an option to use for high quality videos?
  6. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi, the Ethernet connection is a 100mps so it is more than capable of running anything. All the Best. RJ
  7. Daniel Vandija

    Daniel Vandija New Member

    Can you please test if the audio is in sync when watching netflix? I have a Neo X7 and the audio is off sync to the point where it feels like I'm watching a movie with dubbed audio.
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  8. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi Daniel, unfortunately i cant test Netflix where i live (Portugal), i would love to have it though as it seems a great service at a affordable price. Hopefully theres someone else here on the forum that could test that out. I see no reason why it should be out of sync. Sorry that i could not be more helpful on this particular request.

  9. ifcmnx

    ifcmnx New Member

    I've yet to experience any out of sync audio with netflix. all appears to run well that way.
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  10. kmarryat

    kmarryat New Member

    What is the largest external hard drive supported by this device? Will it support a 4TB HDD?
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  11. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Unless there is a limitation set by the UEFI, the theoretical maximum hard drive size (GPT initialized) that Windows will support is 9.4 Zettabytes (9.4 billion Terabytes). That said, the Z64 had no problem with my 6 TB Seagate hard drive.
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  12. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Thanks for sharing that!! Thats actually great info, the largest one that i tried was a 2,5" 750GB.
    All the Best
  13. wendud

    wendud New Member

    hello... im interested on this product.
    i have few question about this. i want to use minix for browsing/streaming and playing hdmovies *.mkv.
    it has only 2 usb ports. 1st usb port will be used for usb keyboard/mouse. only 1 port left. can i use an usb hub to connect to another peripheral like usb external hdd, external dvd writer/bluray, webcam or printers (at the same time)?
    can it access more than 1 external usb hdd? maybe 2 or 3 usb connected to this minix via usb hub (at the same time)?
    what is the maximum external mmc/sdcard capacity? and can we add more RAM to this?

    thanks very much...
  14. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member


    I have tried 4 pen drives in a USB Hub and works great!! :) The largest mSd card ive tried was 32GB but i believe you can go up to 128GB. Ram is soldered so no more ram :)
    Hope it helps
  15. wendud

    wendud New Member

    just watch your review video, its great :)
    thanks for the quick reply.
    so i think if u tried 4 pen drives, then it will be okay with 2 usb hdd.

    once again thanks.
  16. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Something to think about! (n) Whether the HDD or the USB hub has a PSU.
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  17. MatVekk

    MatVekk New Member

    Hi at all. I have a MiniX Neo X7 but I have a problem with streaming video in Android Kitkat. I think to upgrade and buy this Z64 8.1. Nowvideo or another streaming video website, works fine in this model? Sorry for the English. Ciao :)

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 5 Cataclysm 5.1.1
  18. jimthedj65

    jimthedj65 New Member

    I bought both the Android XH8Plus and the windows Neo 64. On the windows Z64 the lack of optical output was disappointing, the bluetooth output is really good and sounds great on my NAD D3020 Hybrid DAC/AMP.

    Windows takes a lot more to setup, but does support my Logitech G510 better for automation. Both I would say play back media as good and as fast as each other. The ports on the X8H Plus is more extensive than Neo 64 Windows, extra USB and Optical, also SDHXC support as opposed to just a MMC slot.

    I prefer the windows version (supports OTA) after an extra day of setup I could automate more and support my keyboard more but the lack of ports on the Z64 Windows is its only downfall.. Hope this helps anyone else with additional info.. Last info Logitech K400 keyboard works great with both machines, plug and play... anyone considering running Kodi on these boxes should consider a seperate addon at http://www.tvaddons.ag/
  19. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Thank you for your contribution but...

    I'd like to point out that the X8-H Plus has an SD card slot and the Z64 has a MicroSD card slot.
    Also you got it wrong about the Z64W supporting OTA. It is Windows and will support Windows updates.
    Maybe you have gotten confused as the X8-H Plus supports OTA so long as you have firmware 002 or above.
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  20. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    Nice review Roberto. I enjoy your videos! Nice accent! :cool:

    Anyway, I've been using the X8 + for around 2 weeks now and there is very little to dislike about the box.

    Having said that I've just ordered the Z64, as I prefer the versatility and familiarity of Windows over Android.

    My main concern is the single band wifi on the Z64 vs dual band on the X8. 99% of the media I consume is streamed over my home network, either samba or nfs. I'm using a tp-link 8970 router which is a pretty good dual band router. Distance from the router to the box is minimal, about 5 metres and performance on the X8+ has been superb! I have no problem streaming full 1080p with 5.1 dts (it even manages a 28gb bluray rip of Saving Private Ryan, mkv format). Even the skip feature works with little to no buffering. This is a BIG plus for the X8.

    My question is can I expect similar performance from the Z64? I wouldn't expect it via Samba but via NFS?

    EDIT: Despite the close proximity of the router to the box, I'm reluctant to run an ethernet cable between the two.

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2015