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NEO Z64 Windows 8.1 Video Review

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by robertojorge, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    Something else I would like to discuss,

    Although the X8 supports h.265, I've had very little success playing a particular h.265 encoded file. Now, I don't have a 4k compatible tv but as someone who downloads and keeps a lot of material (vs live streaming) the impressive compression associated with h.265 makes it very appealing (from a storage perspective).

    For example: a 52 minute episode of House Of Cards barely 400mb in size, at a screen size better than 1920 x 1080

    VLC 64 bit running on my Windows PC plays these h.265 encoded files with little to no effort. I'm assuming VLC 32 bit installed on the Z64 will perform with the same aplomb?
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You could wait a short while for these new MINIX devices to be released!
  3. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Nevermind, when the new devices are available you can buy one of those too! ;)
    One can never have enough toys! :)
  5. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    So true!!!

    It does get expensive though, cause the SO expects a new handbag/pair of shoes/frock every time she see's a new piece of electronics. It's got to the point now that I sneak them in when she's not looking... :whistle:
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  6. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    On a side:

    To test I installed Kodi on my Asus N53J, Windows 7 64 bit laptop and streaming via NFS is brilliant! Sure it's 802.11 g/b/n but based on the results I would expect similar performance from the Z64.
  7. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Regarding your question i would say yes but to be sure we have to test it out there is no other way :) I honestly dont use wifi on any of my boxes, i do prefer powerline adapter so that i can have the highest quality possible on my video library and playback with no issues at all.

    And that probably can be a solution for you if you dont have 100% wifi conection with the Z64.

    On a side note could you test out your X8 trough Wifi with Tears of Steal 4K version, just so that i have an idea of what power you have on your router. Let me know how it goes if possible of course (My guess is that it wont play trough wifi but i love testings :) )

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  8. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hehe!! Nice one. That was fast! Welcome to the Club!! I think that you wont regret it. But as @Villa pointed out there are new machines around the corner so start making a "Savings Pig" for Christmas :)
    Let us know what your experience is once you receive it and you have time to play with it.
    All the Best.
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  9. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    I sold the X8, buyer collected from me yesterday afternoon.

    I downloaded the file anyway to use for future testing but the DCP version @ 14gb. I think this was the wrong version for me to download?

    I was going to test on Kodi on my iPad Air but Kodi/iPad doesn't recognize the file type. Even playing it on my pc using VLC, there is no image and a seperate sound/video files so definitely I'm using the wrong version.

    I'll download the 6.3gb .mov version later on today...
  10. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    Yeah, would have been prudent of me to wait for the new models but I'm very impatient! Also trying to remain up to date with technology is like trying to outrun a tsunami (no disrespect to the families of those that lost their lives trying).

    EDIT: To punish me for my impatience there is no local stock of the Minix Z64 (South Africa). Mine is coming from Europe, 6-8 working days...
  11. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    :) No worries, was just curiosity. :)
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  12. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    Look, at the risk of going way OT, I'm running Kodi on my jailbroken iPad Air.

    It streams a 23gb .mkv file effortlessly!

    Networx, installed on the host pc, registers outgoing traffic at close to 6mbps, (when required).

    Very impressive!!!

    I uploaded a video of this to Youtube but hopefully I'm not contravening any copyright laws. Let me post...

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
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  13. Ivano

    Ivano New Member

    sorry for my English, I use google translator

    Hello everyone, as the title suggests I try a couple of information about this great mini PC (so it seemed to understand the mixed reviews videos I've seen) the first is simple ... how do you do zoom in or zoom out of any documents, photos, games etc etc ?? the tablet that I have the mouse wheel does not act, to make the zoom I always use the touch, the mini PC as it does ?? someone has a solution? maybe you can do with one of those keyboards with built-in touch but I do not know, now seen that I have to buy one I need to have this information, otherwise instead of buying one with Androdi, I take that with Windows 8.1 (always hoping that here the wheel mouse functions) and here I would like the second info ... has anyone ever tried bluestacs on a mini PC ?? I, like many others I have on the PC and the zoom is supported, now me if someone could do a review or just post some photos of some kind AnTuTu test I would be really grateful, and here the third info ... just out of curiosity personal Bluestack is an emulator or Android somehow virtualizes Android, do not know how to explain, see, we turn emulates or Android in a virtual box around her ?? I hope I was clear and forgive me for all of my long and sorry also request the moderators if by chance this is not the place for this type of post.
  14. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Hi Ivano,

    On any Android machine as far as im aware the mouse will not zoom in and out, to zoom in in photos you need a trackpad that supports multi gesture.
    Regarding games im not sure what you mean by zoom in or out but to start a game all you need to do is press the left button on a mouse and to leave that game press the right button ( i prefer using a gamepad as the Ipega 9028 for that type of usage.

    The windows machine, unlike the undroid when you scroll the mouse weel you will get zoom in and out on pictures as any other PC with windows 8 / 10

    I have tried Bluestacks on a PC but my opinion is that the experience is not even close to a real android box. It is useful to play a few games Android OS on a Windows machine but that's about it (my opinion)

    My Opinion is still the same back when i reviewed both machines:
    - If you want a device for multimedia consumption and Android Games get the Z64 Android
    - If you want a machine for office tasks, Plex Server/Player get the Z64 Windows

    Only you can decide what is better for you, but when you decide and get the machine lets us know which one you got and also your experience with it.

    Hope it helps
    All the Best
  15. sand_man

    sand_man New Member

    Right, so I've had my Z64W for just over a week now and I'm really enjoying it!!!

    Fanless so quiet
    Small and neat - You won't notice the box stuck on a shelf.
    Packs a punch for the size and price - At the price point one must be cautious not to be over critical.
    Windows 8.1 - versatile, familiar, stable (and just upgraded to Windows 10)
    Micro SD card slot for increased hard drive capacity.
    Can dual boot Android, although I haven't as yet.
    Wireless streaming over NFS superb. Fast and responsive including 20gb+ bluray rips. Streaming is as good as it is on the X8 h plus.

    Only 2 usb ports - Will have to attach a usb hub to the Minix which detracts from the neatness of the unit
    2gb Ram - With a handful of apps installed and running (including Kodi) I'm already using close to 80% of the available ram. Warranted, I have Dropbox, Teamviewer, Splashtop, Skype, CCleaner, IDM, uTorrent, Chrome and Kodi installed.
    Embedded so no chance of upgrading anything on this thing (but I knew that going in).
    Processor is under powered. Running a h.265 encoded file with VLC, playback stutters and picture tears up on account of the processor maxing out. The unit is generally fast and responsive but don't expect to do any heavy lifting. Too easy to max the processor.

    Anyway 2nd generation Minix boxes due out in November. 4gb of ram and 1.8ghz processing power apparently. Probably more than 2 usb ports too (3 x usb 3.0). Definitely worthwhile waiting. The Z64W is good but it has the potential to be much better. Its biggest flaws, too few usb ports and modest processing power, are remedied in the next generation boxes.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
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  16. John P

    John P New Member

    Hi Roberto,
    A friend of mine sent me the link to your video on the Neo z64. By the way, great video with a lot of details. Some of which I understand, some I don't. The reason for my note here is that I'm trying to make a decision on changing several things in our home in terms of media accessibility, etc..., and have done research at a few computer and electronics stores (as well as online), and things have gotten increasingly confusing in the process. Some places have recommended products like the mygica, others have the roku streamer, etc... I am situated in Canada. Is there a way that I could communicate with you to get clarification on what the best solution for our home is?
    Thank you!
  17. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You can send Roberto a PM (Private Message)

    Click on @robertojorge and Start a Conversation.
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  18. John P

    John P New Member

    Please forgive my ignorance, but how do I send a private message, and where would I do this?
    I'm unfortunately not as tech savvy as many of you here are.
    Thank you!
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  19. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    No Need, sorry that i havent seen the post. I will read today and will try to answer as best as possible.
    Ill be back!! :)
  20. robertojorge

    robertojorge Active Member

    Just read it :) Before i forget. :)

    Can you please let me know how you will be using the Z64 or the Mini PC that you want to get.
    Is it for Media Consumption?, Office needs?

    Before i can give any advise i really need to know what you will be doing with the machine!! :)