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NEO Z64A Official Firmware Releases

Discussion in 'NEO Z64A Official Firmware Releases' started by roy haliva, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. roy haliva

    roy haliva New Member

    dear minix team
    why you don't release a new official update with android 5 (lolipop)
    and support new XBMC (Kodi)
    please release it's very annoyed

    Best Regards
    Roy Haliva
  2. Boobs

    Boobs New Member

    Cos they dont give a shit about customers. No info what so ever. Hope this company burns, I will never buy a single shit from them again and hope noone else do either.
  3. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    Although I don't agree with you that they don't give a sh--. A update would be nice !!:(
  4. dandi10

    dandi10 New Member

    They don't give a shit, the Z64 Android was removed from their website. Paid $150 a year ago and it's a piece of shit. Will never buy Minix again
  5. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    That's unfortunate you feel that way .... something must of went dramatically wrong with this device based on the lack of updates as well as production. Although I don't use mine a lot it still seems to run ok .:)
  6. dandi10

    dandi10 New Member

    We are using an Android version since 4 years ago, not enough? They don't care about buyers!
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  7. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    There are much older models that have had numerous firmware updates that are still performing well so it's interesting what happen with this one ! I still believe in the brand but I can understand the bad taste in your mouth !:) Have you considered converting it to a Windows version ??
  8. dandi10

    dandi10 New Member

    I'm not interested in purchase a Windows license, I invested on this streamer and it was not a low cost one. In addition, I don't want to break the device in the process of replacing the OS.
  9. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    So you are still using it ?
  10. dandi10

    dandi10 New Member

    Yes but making me problems and using a very old Android version. I cannot even install Kodi 17.
  11. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    What version of Kodi are you using? what kind of problems are you having ?
  12. dandi10

    dandi10 New Member

    Hi, version 16, the last one. sometimes it gets into mute mode and only restart fixs it. Problems with subtitles and other things fixed in version 17. I also want newer Android version.
  13. Ivo Galea

    Ivo Galea New Member

    Hi, I also am looking to upgrade/update the Android Version on the Z64. It is version 4.4.2 Kit Kat and today there is already Android Version 7.0 Nougat. To upgrade KODI to 7 the android version must be higher than 5.0. So please give us a firmware release which will upgrade the Android Version.
  14. RaceJay

    RaceJay New Member

    Ivo, there will be no more updates for the Neo Z64.
  15. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

  16. overture

    overture New Member

    Damn, gearbest android boxes with 3gb ram and nougat only costs 50 bucks while my z64 was 190 and still has kit kat, sad but true.