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Neo Z64W doesn't start anymore after Windows 10 update [Help]

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by asaf69, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Mand1as

    Mand1as New Member

    i have the same -no hdmi signal- problem just yesterday, i guess the device was updated long time ago.. the weird thing is that i can access Windows 10 since i can log in the MiniX from any computer via Teamviewer that autoloads on Windows startup but no hdmi signal on TV or monitor at every possible resolution combination, experimented with some drivers with no luck, and no boot screen visible either, any ideas if this can be fixed since i can log into Windows via Teamviewer?
    *My LG smart tv shows the corresponding hdmi input as active but therefore no signal.
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  2. Bartz

    Bartz New Member

    Just FYI, I had the same thing happen to me a couple of days ago and just found this thread today. Apparently MS has not completely fixed the problem. Be warned to look out for a rash of these again.

    I assume no warranty is provided this long after buying the unit, so I will be ordering the required equipment. I will also try and ensure I update the bios, as I never saw that thread before my unit died. (Why read a support forum when everything is working....!)
  3. asaf69

    asaf69 New Member

    Happened to me twice - first time i sent it over and they flashed it and sent it back - 2 weeks after that after a reset it never booted up (light on but no HDMI signal).
    very disappointed, NEVER buying their junk again. and advice whoever reads this to refrain from doing so as well.
  4. CanBert

    CanBert New Member

    At least they helped you ...happened to me just after they would fix and no help what so ever. I had before that prob bought over 20 minix boxes and friends prob bought 20. I will never buy another one. Came here to redownload the flash stuff and try again.