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NEW! Minix U1 EZ root ZIP for W13 Firmware

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Finless, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Finless

    Finless Member Dev Group

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  2. stuckson

    stuckson New Member

    FW13 installed. Flashed or updated ...
    -Power off (disconnect the power cord)...

    -TWRP recovery .img file (ver. 3.0.2-0 by AbduL ) ... rename to "recovery.img" and copy to your sd card in root directory.

    -Insert the sd card into the device;
    -Connect the power cord, then press and hold power button until TWRP recovery appears on screen ...
    -Flash TWRP recovery on minix:
    -> Press the button: Install -> Select Storage: Micro SDCard -> Press the button: Install Image -> Select: recovery.img -> Select: recovery partition ... SWIPE TO FLASH.
    -After script show is DONE:
    -Home (go to main screen) -> Reboot -> System (this will install SuperSU!), SWIPE TO INSTALL;
    --- After Reboot REMOVE SD CARD ---
    -Sign in to your google acoount;
    -Go to App Store (my apps), find and update to last version your SuperSU app...
    -Start app SuperSU (SuperSU will ask you to update binaryes)
    -Select by TWRP. Confirm by OK. System will boot recovery, update, then again reboot.

    Minix is rooted.
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  3. sempicaso

    sempicaso New Member

    Hello. This root method does not work. Hangs on the "minix" and does not start. I tested 10 times. What's wrong?
    First I installed a new version 13. Then I did it the way it's worth.
    What's wrong?
  4. sempicaso

    sempicaso New Member

    I did not understand how you did it. Explain more clearly.
  5. stuckson

    stuckson New Member

    Where I made a mistake that I forgot to: REMOVE SD CARD before you press update supersu binaryes by TWRP.
    I did the same again to check and record everything.
    I can not post links ... search for "TWRP recovery (ver. 3.0.2-0 by AbduL )" ... rename before you flash into recovery.img.
    Say you succeed because it has to work 100%
    (read again first post, edited)
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  6. kamaronestudios

    kamaronestudios New Member

    With clean installation and also hangs at the end thanks to abdul_pt

    PD: Root finally thanks abdul_pt
  7. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden New Member

    I can also confirm that Finless's U1 EZ root for FW013 Firmware does not work! Exactly the same issue as the other users report of stuck on the glowing Minix logo. I had to re-flash back to stock FW013.
  8. Elshad

    Elshad New Member

    Doesn't work for me.
    1. Formatted Sd-Card FAT32 fs on my PC (64 GB San Disk sdcard formatted with Rufus)
    2. Unzipped and copied files from minix_u1_ezroot_w13.zip archive to Sd-Card
    3. Sticked Sd-Card in Minix
    4. Enabled USB Debugging mode on Minix
    5. Unplugged Minix (from power socket) and plugged back after 5 sec.
    6. Pressed the power button for 10-15 seconds until Minix entered "Boot mode" (I guess it's called so). In boot mode, a bunch of code lines loaded on a screen and nothing happened. There is an android robot with opened chest door and exclamation mark (!) within triangle, with "No command" message on it.

    Tried to select "Load from EXT, select Sd-Card and load ezroot.zip manually. Doesn't work. A lot of lines of code saying "cannot mount, failure, read-only and other stuff".

    Is there another method to root Minix without Sd-Card? Preferably via USB cable using PC.