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New Neo Z with Intel Braswell

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Quincy, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    Looks good, can't find anything posted on the forum yet about these boxes look forward to more spec and pricing details.

    Wonder would they work with SteamOS or for Steam in house streaming....

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  2. Antennas sure are in a odd spot. Hopefully internal wifi is strong enough to make it through metal casing because I think id either want to remove em or go straight to Ethernet. Guessing pricing on these is going to be 200+ too considering the Z64 with a lot less premium specs was retailing at like 175 during its initial launch.
  3. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    I read on fanlesstech.com it will be available in November in two flavors: Celeron N3150 / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD for $250 and Pentium N3700 / 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD for $350 don't know how true the price is will have to wait for an announcement from minix...

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  4. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

  5. blue24

    blue24 Member

    *windows 10 64bit
    *Intel Pentium Processor N3700 (2.40 GHz)
    Can't wait to buy one (y)
  6. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    Will these have dual channel memory (2 x SODIMM) ? Test reports from other similar configurations suggest that for proper 4K playback dual channel memory is required.
  7. red eye

    red eye Member

    Woow usb 3 !! ! Windows 10 , so touchscreen will work, , changing screensaver pictures will work, connect to a other pc will work, just the intel hd graphique need more détails .
    When i am buying myneo x8h plus i have the choice between the 8h plus or windows z64 , the z64 not strong enough , the 8h plus seems too be better hardware, but this new box seems to be the perfect solution wih this hardware

    Why no vesa mount at the back side ?
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  8. gadget007

    gadget007 New Member

    Will this unit have overscan adjustment? Or will it have a vertical and horizontal scaling option in the graphics driver for 1920×1080 to accommodate older HD TV's that don't have any overscan adjustment?
  9. Joudroid

    Joudroid New Member

    I don't understand why minix won't make an android version on the new z series

    Intel have make an own kernel to run android on the Braswell processor, the catch to run android it's the kernel, if the Intel have already make it why don't launch an android version?

    In fact Intel as make the kernel so companys that do smartphones can use their processors, to integrate the smartphones market and be competitive..

    Many android users are going to start looking for new TV box from other companys

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  10. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    Found this on fanless tech....



    Additional pictures confirm a mSATA slot inside the upcoming Braswell mini PC. But when MINIX boasted about metal alloy casing and fanless design, we naturally thought that the chassis doubled as a heat sink. It turns out that the NEO Z features an internal CPU cooler with no air vent for convection.

    Are MINIX going to announce this on the forum with full spec any time soon.

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  11. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo New Member

    At the risk of sounding impatient, any news on when this is out please? I really want one. :)
  12. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

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  13. ConvicTech

    ConvicTech New Member

    These new Mini PCs look amazing, great job on the presentation as well
  14. red eye

    red eye Member

    Just a question , the ram is not fixed so you can change it .
    In the neo x8h plus the ram is fixed ?
    I never see pictures inside from my box
  15. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Yes , the RAM is fixed in the X8-H Plus.
  16. red eye

    red eye Member

    Villa you are speddy gonzales !
    Just finish write my question
    You are answering
  17. Leo83

    Leo83 Member

    I have the android Minix 8-h plus att the moment and just today I was thinking about that I should buy a Windows box instead, I been looking at the Voyo V2 that is a great looking device but lacking in performance... Then I remembered that Minix offered the z64 and I thought maybe they realised something new windows-based and look and behold I find this thread! This really look great for the kind of use I'm looking for which is Web and media, both local and stream, consumption. Just waiting for it to be released and I will order one.

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  18. RMP888

    RMP888 New Member

    I am waiting for the release of this box as well, I hope the slight delay will allow time for Minix to consider using HDMI 2.0 rather than HDMI 1.4 and for it to be release prior to Christmas.
  19. Andyfei

    Andyfei New Member

    hi guys
    I want to know if this intel Pentium minix come with 256gb mssd or it is 128gb mssd? when will this unit will be release? I cannot wait for it release.
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Did you watch the video in post #1 ? There you will find the answer! Pause at 1:30 (y)